Use non-standard load combination factors

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Use non-standard load combination factors

If necessary, you can change the values of building code specific load combination factors and create your own settings to be used in the load combination process.


You should not need to change these settings during the project. If you change the settings, you will also need to change the load group types and check the load combinations.

  1. On the File menu, click Settings > Options, and go to the Load modeling settings.
  2. On the Current code tab, select a code from the Load modeling code list that is the most appropriate to your needs.
  3. Change the load combination factors on the appropriate tab.
  4. Save the settings using a new name.
    1. Enter a name in the box next to the Save as button.
    2. Click Save as.

      Tekla Structures saves the settings in the \attributes folder under the current model folder with the file name extension .opt.

    To later use the saved settings, select the name of the settings file from the Load list, and then click Load.

  5. Click OK.
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