2020 SP6: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2020 SP6: New features and improvements

Pour objects follow neighbor part object level settings

Pour objects will now follow the neighbor part settings done in Object level settings for general arrangement drawing.


IFC2x3 export: Base point accuracy change

The base point latitude and longitude values now have microsecond accuracy.


Support for SketchUp version 2021

The SketchUp model version 2021 support has been added.


Improvements in Floor layout

  • You can now lock and unlock seams on the contextual toolbar.

    When a seam is locked and you are dragging the seams (with or without the Alt/Ctrl key pressed), only the seams in the range between the locked seams are changed. The first and last seams in the layout are always locked (fixed), and if none of the other seams are locked, the dragging works as before.

    Dragging the seam handles is easier than before as the handles now extend outside the slab. The locked seam is shown in red.

    Locked seams keep their location, and new slabs are created or removed inside the locked range if you change the slab width, seam gap or seam center measures, or remove any of the slabs with narrowed width.


  • You can now use the new Extra narrowing property to increase the gap between slabs when the other slab is cut inside the layout. You can find Extra narrowing on the Advanced tab. With the default value 0 (zero), the final gap has the same value as before.


  • You can now split an existing floor layout into two separate floor layouts. Select either a seam or a break line, and click the new button on the contextual toolbar. After the splitting, you can modify both layouts independently. Note that splitting cannot be reverted, and you cannot combine the two layouts again.


Improvements in Reinforced concrete stair (95)

  • On the Rebar H tab, you can now create multiple overlapping stirrups in a row.


  • You can now set an individual name and class for extra landing parts on the Stairs and landings tab.



Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-2834 Concrete components Wall to wall connection: Previously, the partially open groove was not properly using the groove width property. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4707 Concrete components For multiple concrete and reinforcement components, the default numbering has been improved. It is not possible anymore to get incorrect numbering by the components.
TSAC-4954 Concrete components Mesh bars, Mesh bars by area: The empty user-defined attribute values on the Attributes tab are now written correctly to the created rebar groups and meshes.
TSAC-4985 Concrete components Sandwich and double wall: Classes are now correctly set to the main insulation when the insulation is split in one direction. Previously, when you split the insulation in only the horizontal or vertical direction, the middle panels would get properties as if the edge strips were split. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5033 Concrete components Mesh bars, Mesh bars by area: If the top or bottom cover thickness is negative or bigger than the thickness of the input part, the component now creates rebar groups outside of the concreate part instead of failing.
TSAC-5143 Concrete components Concrete foundation (1030): The prefixes of created parts were not taken properly from the component dialog box when the component was created in another version or service pack of Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2020 Steel components HSS Brace special (66): Previously, the gusset plate was created with an incorrect shape when the default size values were used. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4020 Steel components Column with stiffeners W (182), Column with stiffeners (186), Column with stiffeners S (187), Column with stiffeners (188): Previously, with some sloped conditions, the bolt edge distance was not correct. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4360 Steel components U.S. Base plate (1047): Previously, the position of holes in the cast plate was incorrect. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5102 Steel components Stub (28): Previously, the component did not use the XS_STANDARD_STIFFENER_WIDTH_TOLERANCE advanced option when the Rod nuts loose parts option was selected. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5121 Steel components Eaves haunch (102): Compensation stiffeners now get the correct part prefix and start number.
TSAC-5130 Steel components Two sided end plate (142): Previously, when using the same settings in the data file and in the dialog box, the holes were not created in the same way. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5132 Steel components Stiffened end plate (27): Previously, the position of the holes was incorrect when the secondary part was sloped. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5133 Steel components Two sided end plate (142): Previously, the position of the holes was not correct when the secondary parts were sloped. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5134 Steel components Joining plates (14): Previously, holes were not positioned correctly when the beam was sloped. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-37961 Steel components Previously, in some situations, similar parts with regular bolt holes and with slotted holes received the same number in numbering. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41269 Organizer Previously, the project properties were not always exported to the Excel. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5137 Import, export, interoperability Previously, there was an error when you moved layout points from one group to another group in Layout manager and then tried to export the points. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12435 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Visualizing the selected reference objects now works when you select by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard.
TTSD-40590 Import, export, interoperability The DateTime user-defined attribute in .tekla models is now exported in the right format.
TTSD-40778 Import, export, interoperability When importing a cxl file exported from Tekla Structural Designer with analysis results, the moments for the major and minor axes were incorrectly swapped. This has now been fixed. The beam properties are shown on the End Conditions tab.
TTSD-41443 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: The export was not always correct if a part was extended with a fitting. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41865 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion: In some invalid IFC reference model cases, the file could be inserted to Tekla Structures, but the IFC object conversion crashed, or got an infinite loop. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42070 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: A Tekla Structures application error occurred when you opened an older version model and then changed to another model without saving the currently open model first. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42357 Import, export, interoperability IFC4 export: The GrossFooprintArea BasaeQuantity value was 1 M times too big, this has now been fixed.
TTSD-42468 Import, export, interoperability IFC export: Tekla Structures crashed with some models during the IFC export. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42536 Import, export, interoperability Previously, adding two or more keyplans to a drawing layout in Layout editor was not possible. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42909 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: The export provided the object location incorrectly if the base point north direction was negative, and the current coordinate system was not model origin.
TPLED-191 Templates and reports Template Editor: The grid can again be selected by 1/128 inch steps in environments using imperial units.
TTSD-41615 Templates and reports Properties that use a "." format, such as ASSEMBLY.POUR_UNIT, can now be used to define property sets that report pour unit and pour object properties.
TTSD-42865 Templates and reports Template Editor: The New template command in Template Editor opened a new instance of tpled.exe but did not create a new empty template. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-3945 Drawings Rebar pull-out picture and marking: Dimensions in cm/m format now have the correct decimal format.
TSAC-4958 Drawings Tekla Structures froze because of an issue related to the Rebar shape evaluator. There was a compatibility issue between Tekla Structures models created in versions 2016 - 2019, when they were opened in Tekla Structures versions 2019i - 2021, causing invalid rebar geometry when XS_REBAR_RECOGNITION_HOOKS_CONSIDERATION was set to FALSE. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-38205 Drawings Reference models in drawings: Sometimes a reference model was not highlighted in a drawing when selected. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-38406 Drawings Reference models in drawings: Hidden lines in reference models  were not correctly removed or dashed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-39590 Drawings Detailed object level settings now automatically update the drawing after a part has its attributes or phase changed. Previously, detailed object level settings were only updated after a part was created, modified or numbered.
TTSD-39954 Drawings The DXK_SYMBOLPATH advanced option is now read properly from the options.ini file when the file is located in a firm folder.
TTSD-40186 Drawings When changing the Top in form face UDA using the User defined attributes dialog box, or through Open API, numbering was not affected similarly as when you select Set top in form face from the context menu. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40532 Drawings If you modified a drawing view in the model, then interrupted by opening the drawing or selecting another drawing, and subsequently saved in the dialog box, Tekla Structures would crash. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40703 Drawings The TOP_LEVEL and BOTTOM_LEVEL attributes now give correct values for dimension tags based on the Location by setting of the drawing view.
TTSD-40977 Drawings Tekla Structures no longer crashes when you open a specific drawing.
TTSD-41219 Drawings Document manager: The Document manager category search text control now wraps to multiple lines when necessary, so that you can more easily read and edit long search expressions.
TTSD-41267 Drawings Reference models in drawings: The outline representation now follows the settings of visible layers on the model side. Previously all layers were shown. 
TTSD-41609 Drawings Reinforcement in drawings: Occasionally drawings containing cut reinforcement bars showed circular ends although the bars were not tilted. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41628 Drawings In some cases drawing opening could crash. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41649 Drawings Reference models in drawings: Reference model settings from GA drawing  level were not properly propagated to view level. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41756 Drawings The Cover-up line command did not always hide the underlying object lines correctly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42169 Drawings Earlier, in drawings, the representation of slotted holes was incorrect in section views. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42240 Drawings Solid creation could sometimes cause crash when you were opening or creating a drawing. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42367 Drawings Bolt dimensions that had their preferred dimension associativity set, previously sometimes lost associativity in multidrawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42643 Drawings Earlier, in drawings, the representation of longholes was incorrect in section views. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-28107 Tekla Model Sharing Tekla Model Sharing: Previously, errors in the objects.inp file could leave the file locked, which caused errors when other users tried to read in model changes. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40843 Tekla Model Sharing Synchronizing information from a firm folder to a shared model now works correctly when a semicolon is used in the XS_FIRM path.
TTSD-41077 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, imported sketched profiles in shared models could have parameters in the wrong order, which resulted in wrong geometry. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41149 Tekla Model Sharing Sketched profiles with variable sections are now updated correctly in shared models.
TSAC-3351 Modeling Array of objects (29): Previously, when the copied objects included cuts and the cuts were not included in the component input objects, the cuts were left in the model after copying. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-17018, TTSD-42724 Modeling Previously, when a model contained bent plates but the bent plate geometry was missing, opening a model view or selecting a bent plate with missing geometry caused Tekla Structures to crash. This has now been fixed. You can now find the parts with missing geometry when diagnosing the database.
TTSD-33355 Modeling Improvements have been made to avoid and repair drawings corruption.
TTSD-34269 Modeling Previously, it was sometimes not possible to snap to the intersection point of a construction line and a construction circle because the snap zone was too strict. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-37917 Modeling Sometimes, after importing a sketched profile, and restarting Tekla Structures, other sketched profiles got corrupted and were showing incorrect properties in the profile catalog. This situation has now been fixed.
TTSD-40031 Modeling Previously, using the Undo and Redo commands when modifying user-defined attributes was not notified to applications that needed this information. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40931 Modeling Previously, if a slab or a plate was inclined in both the x and y directions, converting it to an item made it lose its inclination in one of the directions. Now this has been fixed, and the item is positioned exactly as the inclined slab or plate was.
TTSD-41091 Modeling Previously, when creating a construction circle, it was not possible to snap to a part center line. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42370 Modeling Previously, in some cases Tekla Structures could crash when you modified rebar set properties in the property pane. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-33377 Installation Tekla Structures extension manager is now shown in the Tekla Structures language that is in use.
TTSD-40288 Core Previously, Tekla Structures could in some cases crash when exiting. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5020 Tools and components Previously, highlighting selected model points in Layout manager caused an error if Layout manager had not finished creating the tree structure of the group yet. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-30325 Tools and components Previously, when deleting custom components in the Applications & components catalog, all the selected items were not always deleted. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-33134 Tools and components Editing and saving a custom component sometimes incorrectly updated the assembly main parts in the model. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-36164 Tools and components It is now possible to load and use .NET component attribute files from system components.
TTSD-41175 Tools and components Previously, the custom component variable value type Distance list total produced incorrect results in equations, when using US imperial units. Now Distance list total works correctly for both metric and imperial units.
TTSD-41266 Tools and components When importing a custom component, the distance bindings could sometimes be lost. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41836 Tools and components In the Applications and components catalog, the search view was not updated when adding, removing or modifying items, for example macros. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-42023 Numbering IFC object conversion now uses the XS_INHERIT_CONCRETE_PART_NUMBERING_SETTINGS_FROM_CAST_UNIT advanced option for concrete part numbering settings.
TTSD-41193 User interface Previously, certain concrete part and rebar set properties were not disabled in the property pane when the object was locked or when using the Project viewer configuration. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4725 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export ELiPLAN file (68): A new plotter record of type BL is now exported for the hollow core elements to define the side that has been cut. The border line record is exported as line parallel with the longer side of the hollow core element. This record is exported automatically with the export version 3.
TSAC-4926 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): You can now export line cuts, fittings and chamfers as MOUNPART block using the new setting Export cut edges on the Embeds tab. The geometry will be a simple line, and the MOUNPARTs have fixed names. Line cuts and fittings are plotted along the cut edge. Chamfers are plotted at the inner line of the chamfered edge.
TSAC-4966 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export EliPLAN file (68): Previously, weep holes were sometimes generated outside the element. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4967 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, no line attributes were recognized for edges that were diagonally cut completely. Now they can be scanned as chamfers or special formwork by managing the setting for chamfer maximum width.
TSAC-4979 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, in line attribute scanning, partial cuts at the edge of the element could occasionally cause other nearby edges to also have special formwork code. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4991 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): You can now set manual line attributes to override scanned CUTOUT line attributes as well. This affects window openings, for example. The new option is available in all of the 6 override settings on the Line attributes tab.
TSAC-5049 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) BVBS Export: Similar rebar groups with different private data blocks are now exported separately.
TSAC-5069 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79):
  • Main tab: The Output file structure setting has a new option 1 slabdate, scanned layers, which exports element layers in the same order as they are modeled in the model. Multiple parts on the same depth level are recognized as one layer.
  • Embeds tab: The Export insulation setting has a new option As layers and embeds, which exports insulation in the SLABDATE block as layers and in the MOUNPART block as embeds.
  • SLABDATE block data tab: The Quality of layer setting has new options Name and Template to give more possibilities to specify the quality of layer.
TSAC-5092 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): A new option Export shell gap width has been added on the SLABDATE block data tab to control or disable the export of the gap width value. The options are No - no gap is exported, Double wall only - the gap is exported only for double walls, and Layered panels - the gap is exported for all panels with multiple concrete layers, such as double walls and sandwich walls. The default option is Double walls only, as the value should only be used with double walls in most control systems.
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