2020 SP10: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2020 SP10: New features and improvements

Export Unitechnik (75)

Exporting thermal anchors

You can now export thermal anchors for thermal walls by specifying names or classes for the Thermal anchors setting on the Embeds tab. Additionally, a new option, As embed (mounpart) with thermal anchor, has been added to Export insulation. If you select this option, thermal anchors will be exported as a part of the insulation. You need to select this option to activate the thermal anchors function and the Thermal anchors setting.


Exporting mountpart name

You can now specify more precisely how the mountpart name is exported by using the new options in the Mountpart name field on the MOUNTPART block data tab: UDA, Text[Template]#Counter, Template, and User-defined text.


Improvements in concrete components

Wall layout

  • On the General tab, you can now select from the Main part layer list which layer part is set as the main part of the cast unit. The Default option sets the structural part with the greatest volume as the main part.


  • There are now new options for customizing the content of the UDA tab. In the WallLayout.Udas.dat file, you can now add the tab, label, and endlabel data types to organize the content of the UDA tab according to specific workflows.

    Note that using this function in earlier service packs of Tekla Structures 2020 can result in incorrect loading of setting files.


Rebar coupler

On the Parameters tab, you can now define the coupler offset in relation to the free gap. You can also control this offset in the auto attribute file.


Embedded anchors (8)

  • On the Placement tab, you can now select in Avoid reinforcement that all reinforcement types are detected in the main part, and define the placement offset to avoid collision with anchors.


  • On the Placement tab, there are changes in the methods for calculating the center of gravity (COG):

    • All connected parts and All connected parts without steel include parts connected by bolts and welds.

    • Assembly and Assembly without steel parts include the parts in the current assembly only.


Reinforcement strand layout (66)

On the Attributes tab, you can now select that the strands are placed perpendicularly to the beam start/end. This new setting allows you to use the component on cross-modeled precast beams with different sections.


Hole reinforcement for slabs and walls (84)

You can now specify which point of the slab will be taken as the origin where the creation plane starts. This means that the created reinforcement will be aligned to the slab edge starting from that point.


Reinforcement mesh array in area (89) / Reinforcement mesh array (91)

The following improvements are available on the Overlapping tab:

  • There is now a new mesh offset option for shifting all meshes in an additional direction.

  • When you are creating both the top and the bottom mesh, you can now shorten the starting mesh layer of both meshes separately. This allows you to move the whole mesh layer while the mesh layout defined in Mesh offset is retained.


Concrete console (110)

On the Picture tab, you can now define the cut dimensions on the top of the secondary beam.


Concrete console (110), Concrete console (111)

On the Parts tab, it is now possible to rotate the console polygon points.

You can define the direction of the console polygon.



Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-1990 Concrete components

Wall layout: Previously, the Fixed drawing main view UDA on the UDA tab overwrote the value every time Wall layout was run no matter what was selected in the dialog box. Now the UDA is overwritten only if an option other than the empty default is selected in the dialog box.

TSAC-2327 Concrete components

Wall layout: The translations set in the walllayout.udas.dat file are now all taken into account. Previously, some translations were only loaded from the Objects.inp files or they were hardcoded. Now no translation string is needed in the walllayout.udas.dat file unless another translation needs to be forced in the UDA tab.

TSAC-4409 Concrete components

Wall layout connector now works for wall layouts that are wider than their height. There is a new limitation that the wall should be higher than 250 mm.

TSAC-4758 Concrete components

Wall layout: Splitting a wall layout has been changed so that all additional detailing done and UDAs set directly to the wall parts will be retained. This includes any cuts and fittings, components, connections, details, seams, and reinforcement. Earlier only generic components were retained.

TSAC-5257 Concrete components

Concrete console (110): Previously, the position of holes in the neoprene and the position of the socket connection were incorrect. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5271 Concrete components

Concrete console (110): Previously, the cut around T-beams was incorrectly created. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5314 Concrete components

Precast found block (1028): The Union 3 parts option that connects the created found blocks is now working properly. The result in the model corresponds with the selected connection type option.

TSAC-5379 Concrete components

Concrete foundation (1030): The positioning of the second group of injection tubes and bars is now working properly.

TSAC-5380 Concrete components

Corbel reinforcement (81): The rebar group type of stirrups is now correctly set to Normal when the horizontal Follow shape option is selected on the Main bars tab. Previously, the rebar group type was set to Tapered even if the stirrups were correctly created horizontally.

TSAC-5388 Concrete components

Reinforced concrete stair (95): In rebar H, both parts in the secondary rebar shape now take the rebar attributes properly for each part.

TSAC-5548 Concrete components

Anchor (10): When creating a connection profile as a custom part, it is now correctly added a sub-assembly to a panel or column.

TSAC-5654 Concrete components

Wall layout: Offsetting an edge that is split with an extra point into two collinear pieces now works correctly. Now it is also possible to split an edge in an opening (this was not working earlier) and use direct modification to adjust the offsets properly both at the exterior edges and the opening edges.

TSAC-5661 Concrete components

Embedded anchors (8): Anchors are now placed correctly when you create them in the gap between the layers of the wall assembly.

TSAC-5702 Concrete components

Corbel reinforcement (81):

  • The double U-bar stirrup shape for transverse stirrups is now created correctly according to the option selected in Follow shape.
  • The spacing values defined for stirrup group 2 on the Stirrups tab now work correctly.
TSAC-5736 Concrete components

Mesh bars: Horizontal bars in narrow walls are now created correctly.

TSAC-2285 Steel components

Truss (S78): Previously, in some cases the bottom chord was created differently on the right and the left side. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-4960 Steel components

Cap plate detail: The width and height of a cap plate, and also the part start number, are now modified when only the corresponding check boxes are selected.

TSAC-5503 Steel components

Brace corner simple (49): Previously, bolts were rotated when the secondary parts were twin profiles. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5542 Steel components

Stairs (S71): Previously, steps chamfers were not created correctly, when you defined some of the step size values as zero. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5563 Steel components

Tube gusset (20): Previously, brace connection stiffeners were not created on both sides of secondary parts number 2-10. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5721 Steel components

Two sided end plate (142): Previously, when filler plates were created, galvanizing holes were created in the last filler plate. This has now been fixed, and galvanizing holes are always created in end plates.

TTSD-37885 Import, export, interoperability

Trimble Connector: Measurement markups sometimes showed 1.0 millimeter short of the actual distance between the measurement points. Now the displayed measurement values are rounded correctly to the nearest integer.

TTSD-43161 Import, export, interoperability

Overlay models: You can now select rebars that are inside another object.

TTSD-43958 Import, export, interoperability

In overlay models, you can now snap to objects inside another object.

TTSD-44591 Import, export, interoperability

Curved and circular rebar sets are now visible in IFC2x3 CV2 overlay models.

TTSD-45047 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: Now the dialog box remembers the previous Location by setting when the dialog box is closed and reopened.

TTSD-45724 Import, export, interoperability

Export 3D DWG: Previously, when you used GUID in the Layer name as functionality, the export transformed the GUID to an invalid format. This has now been fixed, and the GUID retains its original format.

TTSD-45757, TTSD-45548 Import, export, interoperability

Model upload performance to Trimble Connect has been improved, especially in situations where pours are included.

TTSD-45791 Import, export, interoperability

Export drawings to DWG/DXF: The export now works more consistently with the different base point exporting options.

TTSD-45794 Import, export, interoperability

Base points with duplicate names no longer prevent the IFC export dialog box from opening. Additionally, you can now use the model diagnose to detect duplicate base point name issues.

TTSD-46028 Import, export, interoperability

Export drawings to DWG/DXF: Drawing hatches using invisible colors behave now better in the DWG export.

TTSD-46054 Import, export, interoperability

Trimble Connect: The model upload to Trimble Connect performance has been improved.

TTSD-46055 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export: The OBJECT_TYPE attribute is now supported properly by the IFC4 export.

TTSD-46201 Import, export, interoperability

The uploading of model to Trimble Connect has been improved when the model contains macros.

TTSD-46218 Import, export, interoperability

IFC export: The boolean type can now be selected in Additional property sets.

TTSD-46479 Import, export, interoperability

When exporting a model from Trimble Connector, sometimes the folder path could not be retrieved from the server. This has now been fixed.

TPLED-205 Templates and reports

Previously, a CopyField function could give a wrong result when it was used in a value field with a conditional expression (if-then-else) in its formula. This has now been fixed.

TPLED-209 Templates and reports

It is now possible to have 32nd and 64th precision in templates, reports, marks and dimensions in imperial units.

TTSD-43428 Templates and reports

The default color mode for the PDF reports was originally black and white, but had changed to color. This has now been fixed, and the default color mode is again black and white.

TTSD-43948 Templates and reports

PDF reports could appear blank if report dimensions were not whole numbers, and Locale was set to decimal commas. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45184 Templates and reports

Template editor

  • You can now specify a character for data separation: fVF(data file, lookup value, column#[, separator character])
  • You can now use a preferred column separator of choice. Previously, it was possible to use only spaces as separators.
    This enables the support for spaces in names, profiles, shapes, and so on, as well as the use of distance lists as input.
  • You can also use blank or empty strings as input.
  • Leading and trailing white space is dropped.
  • Template Editor supports several separators, so " ,\t\n" would make all the space, comma, tab and newline characters separators. 
TTSD-45281, TTSD-45320 Templates and reports

When the NextValue() and IsLast() functions were used together in a row rule, rows could sometimes be left out from the final output. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45812 Templates and reports

Previously, after duplicate rows were combined, the GetFieldFormula() function did not give the correct result if the referenced value field was in the combined row (and had sum-action defined during combine). This has now been fixed.

REVISION rows cannot be defined on their own anymore. They need to be defined together with DRAWING row.

TTSD-46629 Templates and reports

Template editor: Output 0 as empty string did not work with imperial units when fractions were used. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5156 Drawings

When using the Filter dimensioning method for rebars with a 3D shape, the dimension point is now placed at the longest leg of the bar. Earlier, the dimension point was placed at the start or end point of the bar.

TSAC-5467 Drawings

Rebar mesh view creator: The Rebar mesh view creator tool now considers bent meshes with hook endings.

TSAC-5513 Drawings

Rebar group marking: A new setting, Center position number to line, has been added to the Mark 3 tab to center the rebar position number to the end line. This will automatically place the position number as the first element in the list and align this element with the leader line.

TSAC-5742 Drawings

View-level dimensioning: In some rare cases, rule-based dimensioning failed to create dimensions. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-34421 Drawings

When specifying plot file names for the XS_​DRAWING_​PLOT_​FILE_​NAME advanced options, conditional text using "?" did not work for UDA and TPL fields. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-37118 Drawings

Document manager: Issuing general arrangement drawings in Document manager while the  drawing was open could cause offset lines to become skewed. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-41766 Drawings

Document Manager: Document Manager previously closed during a shared model read-in, because there were occasional conflicts between file watchers in Document Manager and the file updating process. Now, these conflicts are prevented, and Document Manager remains open during the read-in process.

TTSD-42215 Drawings

Dimension associativity in drawings could fail to work when you had modified the drawing views with the direct modification handles. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-42765 Drawings

Creating and opening general arrangement drawings, and opening the layout editor is now remarkably faster, in some scenarios even 50% faster.

TTSD-44644 Drawings

Printing: The Print on multiple sheets option was not working correctly. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44650 Drawings

Embedded steel part bolts were drawn to incorrect layers in drawings. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44773 Drawings

Linking drawing views in a multidrawing failed when the source drawing already contained some linked views. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45483 Drawings

Drawing content manager: Drawing content manager shows assemblies more reliably now.

TTSD-45551 Drawings

Layout editor: Moving keyplans in drawing layouts now works more reliably.

TTSD-45583 Drawings

Printing: Printing drawings with invalid data could cause Tekla Structures to crash. This has now been fixed so that if a drawing contains invalid data, the printing will stop at that point, and the drawing is labeled as incomplete.

TTSD-46042 Drawings

Printing: The Print Drawings dialog box did not respond correctly if you had not selected any drawings in Document Manager. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46045 Drawings

Document manager: Previously, in certain cases, there was an exception in Document manager that occurred when Show changes from now on was used. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46405 Drawings

In drawings, dragging drawing views while some plugins are selected in the views now works better.

TTSD-46593 Drawings

Document manager: Previously, Document manager included the hidden internal DocumentId property in any searches, which resulted in unexpected search results. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46813 Drawings

Document manager: The behavior of the Select all command has been changed. Previously, if the number of the currently selected documents was less than the total number of displayed documents, all documents were selected, but if all were already selected, then everything was unselected. This meant that if a single item was visible and the user right-clicked it (at which point it became selected) and then selected Select all from the context menu, the document was actually deselected. That made it impossible for macros to reliably select single items in the document list. This behavior has been changed so that now all visible items are always selected and the toggling behavior is disabled.

TTSD-45880 Tekla Model Sharing

In a shared model, when you are not signed in and click the Write in or Write out icon, if you cancel the sign in, you are no longer prompted to sign in again.

TTSD-46033 Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing icons in the Quick Access Toolbar have been improved to better show the read in and write out arrows.

TTSD-45521 Reinforcement

Previously, if the rebar numbering prefix contained a number with decimals, for example, 10.3, it did not work correctly in filtering. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-27680 Modeling

Previously, in certain situations, bent plates similar in Tekla Structures 2018 were getting different numbers in later Tekla Structures versions. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-32101 Modeling

Now, if a mesh name is found in the mesh standard file but with custom values, the name will be changed to Custom mesh whenever any mesh value is modified in the Property pane.

TTSD-33374 Modeling

Panning and zooming performance has now been improved in models with many complex items when DirectX rendering is used.

TTSD-40531 Modeling

DirectX rendering: Artefacts are not displayed anymore on the selected planes when picking in 3D views.

TTSD-40544 Modeling

Now objects remain visible on the plane view when a clip plane is used.

TTSD-41934 Modeling

Previously, additional dashed lines could appear on surface treatment. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-42477 Modeling

Previously, connection component coordinate system sometimes flipped randomly in certain symmetrical cases, such as when connecting two parallel parts of the same length. Now, small numerical noise is ignored so that in symmetrical cases the component will be inserted to the same side consistently.

TTSD-43327 Modeling

In DX rendered views, when the Dashed line for hidden lines option is set to Off, the rendering of parts works now correctly when viewed from an angle.

TTSD-43364 Modeling

Previously, in some rare situations, modifying custom components could create empty assemblies to the model, causing problems in numbering, for example. This has now been fixed. You can remove the existing empty assemblies from the model with the Repair model command.

TTSD-43842 Modeling

In certain cases, bent plates created in the Tekla Structures 2018 version were broken in newer Tekla Structures versions. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-43996 Modeling

Previously, in certain situations, bent plates that were similar in Tekla Structures 2018, were getting different numbers in later Tekla Structures versions. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44822 Modeling

Clash checking could previously crash Tekla Structures in some situations. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45068 Modeling

Now, complex shapes are shown with their real colors instead of being dark.

TTSD-45286 Modeling

Previously, Tekla Structures could sometimes crash when converting a single user model to a multi-user model. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45299 Modeling

DirectX rendering: Taking screenshot that exceeds the Windows clipboard capacity 4MB does not cause a crash anymore. Nothing is placed on the clipboard and there is no crash.

TTSD-45470 Modeling

Previously, huge fittings could be created when work planes were used. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45657 Modeling

Previously, Tekla Structures would crash if the shape definition XML file had empty values, for example, in the BrepGUID field. Crashing is now prevented and errors are logged in these situations.
Diagnose model now detects these situations and reports them.

TTSD-45680 Modeling

Previously, there could be extreme slowness when calculating parametric profiles with deeply recursive parameter dependency. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-23878 Core

Now a new error message is shown if Tekla Structures cannot properly open and read the LoadRole.ini file. This error is typically caused by using incompatible Tekla Structures environment and Windows locale settings, for example, a Japan environment and Finnish locale.

TTSD-44161 Core

A cut modeled flush to a part face could in some cases freeze Tekla Structures during model view opening. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44224 Core


Support tool: If a crash in Tekla Structures is encountered, the Windows logs of the type Error from the last 72 hours are attached to the Support tool automatically. They can be skipped by clearing the Crash information file check box.

TSAC-4803 Tools and components

Custom Component Dialog Editor settings are now saved in the current model folder. The options set are applied only to the current model instead of the Tekla Structures version as before.

TSAC-5565 Tools and components

Layout manager
When creating new names for layout points and layout lines with no names, the Layout manager does not add the default prefix to the name anymore. Previously, layout point and layout line names consisted of the default prefix followed by a number. Now the new name consists of numbers only.
Auto Naming a group now allows empty prefixes when creating new names for the layout points and layout lines in a group.

TSAC-5605 Tools and components

Ultrazed file transfer (93) now identifies side rail support struts and heavy duty side rail struts that have been defined without cleats. These manually created situations will now be flagged as requiring a drawing for Hadley Industries to produce.

TTSD-46206 Tools and components

Previously, Tekla Structures was not responding in certain models when creating new system components. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-34416 User interface

When you set the Dashed line for hidden line option to on in the DirectX 3D model view, obsolete dashed hidden lines are not shown anymore, only the relevant lines are shown.

TTSD-44322 User interface

In DirectX rendered 3D model views, when the Dashed line for hidden line option is set on, rounded parts do not get additional triangles anymore.

TTSD-45306 User interface

Cyrillic characters are now shown correctly on the grid when the Windows system locale is set to Russian.

TSAC-5378 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): You can now automatically recognize certain cut types as mountparts using the new option, Cuts as mountparts, on the TS configuration tab. Select the cut type: Designated only, All, Recesses, Within contour, or Recesses within.

TSAC-5567 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Two new options have been added to the option Export assemblies on the Embeds tab. The first option exports all sub-assembly parts as one object with continuous geometry, and the second one exports all sub-assembly parts as one object with distinct geometry of each part.

Export continuous geometry
Export distinct geometry
TSAC-5568 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): You can now use circle and arc shapes in the special assembly export file. Circle is defined by the special symbol K followed by the circle radius. Arc is defined by the special symbol B followed by the arc radius, start angle and end angle.

TSAC-5576 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

EliPLAN export (68): User is now notified via log when the net area calculation fails.

TSAC-5580 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when using a special assemblies definition file, the optional setting for having a custom logic for embed height coordinate was not working. This has been fixed, and now a selection of mountparts can be set to export at bottom of the pallet, at the embed bottom level, or at the embed center-of-gravity level.

TSAC-5590 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when protruding cutouts were excluded from the export, they extended the contour incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5617 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Using the product types Thermo wall (1st stage) and Thermo wall (2nd stage) in the object UDAs will now produce an export file with a separate HEADER block for each of the two stages of the thermal wall, similarly as with double walls.

TSAC-5680 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): On the MOUNPART block data tab, you can now specify the installation type of the embed by defining a UDA, class, name or user-defined text. Additionally, you can now specify a different mountpart name source for the insulation or cutpart mountparts.

TSAC-5685 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)


Export Unitechnik (79): The placement logic of the geometry detailing strip parts has been improved, and the parts are now added to the correct shell of the double walls. 

TSAC-5697 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Meshes collected from rebar groups that are set to be exported as embeds now have a rectangular bounding box geometry. Also reinforcement with a cage UDA specified to be exported as embed by name on the Embeds tab is now exported with a cage bounding box.

TSAC-5769 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when the Rebar grouping setting was turned on, the export sometimes created duplicated rebars. This has now been fixed.

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