Rebar dimensioning improvements

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Tekla Structures

Rebar dimensioning improvements

The creation of dimension marks has been simplified. There are also changes in the Rebar dimension properties dialog box, integrated cast unit rebar dimensioning, and Rebar group dimensioning.

Single command for creating various types of rebar dimension marks

The workflow for creating rebar dimensions marks has been simplified. In Tekla Structures 2020, there is only one rebar dimension mark command that uses the current applied dimension properties for creating dimension marks without tags, tagged dimension marks, distributed dimension lines, or variants of these styles. You can also use predefined settings files for creating different types of rebar dimension marks.

The new command Add Mark > Dimension Mark is available in the context menu for rebar objects, on the Dimensioning ribbon, and in Quick Launch. You can also create a keyboard shortcut for it.

Previously there were three separate commands for creating rebar dimension marks:

  • Add Mark with options Dimension Mark and Tagged Dimension mark

  • Create dimension line for showing the distribution of the reinforcing bars to rebar groups

Rebar dimension properties

The style of the rebar dimension mark is controlled by the properties on the new Rebar tab in the Dimension Properties dialog box.

  • Dimension to specifies whether dimensions are created between All rebars or between the Start and end rebars only.

  • Part edge adds closing dimensions to the edge of the part in reinforcing bar group dimensions. This setting is only available if Dimension to is set to All rebars.

    Because of this new setting, the advanced option XS_REBAR_DIMENSION_MARK_MANUAL_CLOSE_TO_GEOMETRY has been removed.

  • Subgrouping specifies whether subgroups are created for different rebar spacings within a rebar object so that dimension marks can display the subgroup properties. Subgrouping is only available when Dimension to is set to All rebars and is disabled for Start and end rebars.

  • Extension line to visible rebar controls the display of extension lines to the visible rebars.

  • Tapered dimension type specifies whether skewed dimensions have skewed or horizontal representation. This setting was moved here from the Options dialog box.

  • Curved dimension type specifies whether curved dimensions have curved or horizontal representation. This setting was moved here from the Options dialog box.

  • You cannot change the following properties when you have a drawing open and you are editing a rebar dimension mark:

    Dimension to

    Part edge

    Tapered dimension type

    Curved dimension type

Predefined dimension settings files

Predefined dimension settings files allow easy creation of the three common rebar dimension mark types. You can now define dimension properties on the different tab pages in the Dimension Properties dialog box and save the settings files on the Rebar tab.

Previously, the files controlling the rebar dimension mark settings were defined in the Options dialog box in the Drawing dimensions settings. The options defining the settings files have now been removed from the Options dialog box.

The Default environment now contains the following settings files to be loaded in the Dimension Properties dialog box:

  • rebar_dimension_line (old option Dimension line settings in the Options dialog box)

  • rebar_dimension_mark (old option Dimension Mark settings in the Options dialog box)

  • rebar_tagged_dimension_mark ( old option Tagged Dimension Mark settings in the Options dialog box)

Add rebar dimension marks using the ribbon command
  • First open the dimension properties by pressing down Shift and clicking the Rebar command on the Annotations ribbon tab. Modify the dimension properties as required, or load one of the predefined rebar dimension mark settings files, and click Apply. Then select a rebar object to create the rebar dimension mark. You can continue selecting rebar objects or press Esc to end the command.

  • Alternatively you can use the rebar object context menu or the Quick Launch to create a rebar dimension mark. Ensure that the dimension properties have been set as desired.

Updated integrated cast unit rebar dimensioning

  • Automatic integrated cast unit rebar dimensioning has been changed so that you can now specify a dimension settings file to use. The referenced settings file controls the type of the created rebar dimension mark, just like in the applied dimension properties.

  • Clicking the ... button opens dimension properties, and you can view the settings and also change the settings, if needed.

Rebar group dimensioning

  • There are new options available for showing the mark element Number on the Extra marks in front and Extra marks behind tabs: Total number in rebar group, Number displayed in view, Total number in drawing and Total number in cast unit.

    The option Number displayed in view replaces the mark element Number visible.

  • Total number in cast unit now gives a correct result.

  • The second combo box for positioning the extra mark on the right side of the group was sometimes incorrectly disabled. This has now been fixed.

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