New point cloud settings and other improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

New point cloud settings and other improvements

The Point clouds side pane has been completely renewed for Tekla Structures 2020.

The new point cloud functionalities are available when you have attached a point cloud, and DirectX rendering is active.

Note that the point cloud Visualization settings are view specific and settings are enabled for the one view only the name of which can be seen at the top of the Point clouds side pane (if you have not selected multiple views). The Properties settings are enabled only if point cloud is selected from the list.

Now you can do the following:

  • Adjust the point cloud location, scale and rotation. To modify the values, you need to select the point cloud in the side pane.

    The Reset button returns the values that set for the point cloud the last time.

  • Use the EDL (Eye-dome lighting) effect to improve the depth perception of the point cloud. Drag the sliders to increase or decrease the outline thickness and strength of the point cloud. You can deactivate the EDL effect by clicking the EDL button.

  • Adjust the size and density of the points by dragging the sliders.

  • Normally, the default color values are in use. You can also color the point cloud by elevation.

  • If the point cloud contains classifications, you can change the color of the classification category points or hide them.

  • Check clashes and deviations: Detect points that are inside or within a distance from the selected parts and selected reference models objects based on adjustable settings.

  • The tolerance settings are view specific and therefore it is possible to use different tolerances in different views.

  • Save the properties and visualization settings in settings files for future needs.

Other improvements in point clouds

  • In addition to the new functionalities, the view detection has been improved, and selecting the view is not always needed anymore. The name of the view that the current settings affect is shown on top of the side pane.

  • Now point cloud default cache folder is common for all versions, and the version-specific folders have been removed.

  • The usability of the Point clouds side pane has been improved in the following way:

    • The recycle bin now appears on top of the point cloud name, which makes it easier to delete point clouds with long names.

    • The horizontal scrolling has been disabled. To see the whole point cloud name, adjust the width of the side pane.

    • The pane no longer changes its width automatically.

For more information on point clouds, see Point clouds.

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