Improvements in geometry editing and items

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in geometry editing and items

Tekla Structures 2020 introduces new ways to start geometry editing, to add and show item vertexes, and to create items and shapes using existing parts in the model.

When Direct modification is active, just select an item that has a solid shape, and the Geometry editing tab appears at the right end of the ribbon. Previously, you needed to use Quick Launch.

The Geometry editing tab has two new buttons:

  • Click the Handles button to display handles for the selected item. You can then start modifying the item geometry by moving faces, edges, and vertexes.

  • Click the Point button to add new vertexes to the selected item.

If you select a vertex, Tekla Structures now shows the absolute, work plane coordinates of the vertex in the model views using the Units and decimals settings. For example:

The Cancel button that was previously available on the Geometry editing tab has been removed. The Enter geometry editing mode command has also been removed from Quick Launch.

Convert parts to items

You can now change existing parts in the model to items. When you do this, Tekla Structures also automatically creates a new shape for each item and adds the shapes to the shape catalog.

When you change a part to an item, Tekla Structures deletes the original part and replaces it with the newly created item in the model. The name, material, finish, class, pour phase, and the numbering properties of the original part are saved as the corresponding item properties. Other part type specific properties and user-defined attributes are not saved. The objects that are attached to the original part, such as reinforcement and surfaces, are deleted.

Curved beams, spiral beams, bent plates, lofted plates, and lofted slabs cannot be changed to items.

To convert a part to an item:

  1. Create the parts that you want to change to an item.
  2. If you want to include more than one part in the item, attach the parts to each other.
  3. Select the part.
  4. Right-click and select Convert part to item.

    Alternatively, you can go to Quick Launch, search for and select the Convert part to item command, and then select the part.

Tekla Structures changes the part to an item and adds a new shape to the shape catalog. The shape name is generated using the part name and part location in the format <grid location>_<elevation>_<part name>. For example:

  • 1/D_+0_FOOTING

  • 3/C_+0-+3600_COLUMN

  • 1-2/A-B_+3600_SLAB

If there is already a shape with the same name in the shape catalog, Tekla Structures adds two underscore characters and a running number at the end of the new shape name. For example, 1/D_+0_FOOTING__1.

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