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Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Work with views

A view is a representation of a model from a specific location. Each view is represented in its own window within Tekla Structures. Selecting a part in a view highlights the part in all open views.

View plane

Each view has a view plane on which the grids are visible and points are represented as blue crosses. Points that are located outside the view plane are red. You can move the view plane like any other object.

Basic views

Basic views are those parallel to the global basic planes (xy, xz, and zy). In basic views, two axes always define the view plane and the axes appear in the plane name. The third axis is perpendicular to the view plane. It does not appear in the plane name. In the basic plane view, the model is shown from the direction of the third axis.

When you create basic views, you must define the view plane's distance (the view plane coordinate) from the global origin in the direction of the third axis.

Examples of basic views:


3D view

Plane view




Other views

For other view types, you either define the view plane and coordinate by picking points, or the points are defined automatically, depending on the creation method.

Should I model in a 3D or plane view?

Views can be 3D or plane views. 3D, plane, and also elevation views provide different type of information, which is useful for different tasks.

One common technique is to open several views:

  • A 3D view to see a real-life version of the model
  • A plane view, where you can add and connect parts
  • An elevation view to check the level

If you are working with several screens, maximize your work area by putting the different views on different screens.

You can easily switch between the 3D and plane view by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

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