Repair an on-premises license

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Repair an on-premises license

If your on-premises licenses have become untrusted or disabled, they cannot be used and you need to repair them.

The information on this page is not valid for online subscriptions.

The license trust status is indicated in the Activated Licenses area in Tekla License Administration Tool. If a trust status symbol is green, the information is trusted, if red, the information is untrusted.


Because of technical and security reasons, you can repair an Activation ID only a limited number of times, which at the moment is two times a year. Therefore it is important that you inform your local Tekla Structures representative about the license repairs you have been performing, and keep count of the repairs.

The status can be one of the following:

  • A red H (Host) indicates whether the server has been moved to another computer, or whether the computer hardware has changed radically.

    The Host trust status of your license is not trusted:


    Licenses that have the Host trust status untrusted cannot be repaired.

  • A red T (Time) indicates whether the system clock has been tampered with.

    The Time trust status of your license is not trusted:

  • A red R (Restore) indicates whether the license is obtained from a backup copy.

    The Restore trust status of your license is not trusted:

To repair a license:

  1. Go to Tekla Licensing > Tekla License Administration Tool through the Start menu or Start screen, depending on your Windows operating system.

    The Activated Licenses area displays the activated licenses.

  2. Click Repair.

    The license server contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions. After successful repairing the trust status in Tekla License Administration Tool dialog box is updated.

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