Monitor Tekla Structures license use

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Monitor Tekla Structures license use

With on-premises licenses, you can view current license usage using the LMTOOLS application that is delivered with the Tekla license server.

The LMTOOLS application requires Windows administrator privileges to run.

When you use Tekla Structures subscriptions, you can monitor both current subscription users and view statistics about past usage in the Tekla Online Admin Tool. For more information, see Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses.

To view which licenses are currently in use:

  1. Go to Tekla Licensing > LMTOOLS through the Start menu or Start screen, depending on your Windows operating system.
  2. If the correct Tekla license server is not defined, switch to the Utilities tab and add the license server path:
    1. Type tekla in the Vendor Name box.
    2. Type your license server address as port@host in the Path box.
    3. Click Override Path.

  3. On the Server Status tab, click Perform Status Enquiry. You will receive a listing of how many licenses and which configurations are activated on the server, and how many of the licenses are in use at the moment of inquiry.

    The status inquiry uses abbreviations of Tekla Structures configurations, which are explained here. You can also find the description of the abbreviations in your entitlement certificate or in Tekla License Administration Tool.

    For a comprehensive description of the status inquiry syntax, see LMTOOLS options and settings used in Tekla licensing.

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