Snapping toolbar

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Snapping toolbar

Use the Snapping toolbar to activate snap switches and to access additional snapping options.

(1) Use the snap switches to control which positions you can pick when placing objects. Snap switches define exact locations on objects, for example, end points, midpoints, and intersections.

(2) Use the first list to define the snap depth.

(3) Use the second list to switch between the view plane and work plane.

(4) Use the third list to set the plane type. The plane type defines what planes you can select in the model.

(5) You can hide selected switches from the toolbar.

By default, the Snapping toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen. If you are cannot find the toolbar, click File > Settings, and in the Toolbars list ensure that the Snapping toolbar is selected.

Snap zone

Each object has a snap zone. It defines how close you need to pick to hit a position. When you pick within the snap zone of an object, Tekla Structures automatically snaps to the closest pickable point on that object.

You can set the snap zone using the advanced option XS_​PIXEL_​TOLERANCE.

Snap priority

If you pick and hit several positions simultaneously, Tekla Structures automatically snaps to the point with the highest snap priority. To control which positions you can pick, use snap switches. Snap switches define the snap priority of positions.

Snap depth

The first list on the Snapping toolbar defines the depth of each position you pick. You have the following options:

  • Plane: You can snap to positions either on the view plane or the work plane, depending on what you have selected in the second list on the Snapping toolbar.

  • Auto: In perspective views, this option works like the 3D option. In non-perspective views, it works like the Plane option.

  • 3D: You can snap to positions in the entire 3D space.

Snapping in drawings

In drawings, you can snap in positions in the same way as in the model. You can also snap to orthogonal angles while placing drawing objects or sketching.

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