Copy and move objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Copy and move objects

The basic functionality of copying and moving objects is the same in models and drawings. You can copy and move objects linearly, with rotation, and with mirroring.

Duplicate objects

Two objects are considered duplicates if they have the same properties and location. Tekla Structures checks for duplicate objects when you copy and move objects or create new objects in the same location as an existing object. If duplicates are found, you can choose whether to keep or delete them.

Use the advanced option XS_​DUPLICATE_​CHECK_​LIMIT_​FOR_​COPY_​AND_​MOVE to define the maximum number of objects that can be counted as duplicates while copying or moving objects.


Tekla Structures does not check for duplicates when you copy objects using a modeling tool, such as the Array of objects (29) component.

Connected objects

When you copy objects that are connected to another part (such as connections and bolts), Tekla Structures tries to find suitable new main parts for these copied objects. If none are found, some of the connected objects may not be copied at all. After copying, check that all of the objects have been copied correctly.

Assemblies and cast units

If you copy or move objects from an assembly or cast unit, Tekla Structures copies the assembly structure if possible. For example, sub-assemblies are copied as sub-assemblies if a parent object is found.

Reinforcement and surface treatment

If you copy or move reinforcement or surface treatments, and want them to adapt to the part they are copied or moved to:

  • The reinforcement handle or surface treatment handles must be in part corners.
  • The parts between which you copy or move must have the same number of cross section corners.
  • Circular parts must have the same cross section dimensions.

Drawing objects

You can copy and move drawing objects between drawing views that have different scales.

Copy and move efficiently

You can keep the Move and Copy dialog boxes open if you are going to use them often.

After you have run the Copy - Linear, Copy - Mirror, Copy - Rotate, or the Move - Linear, Move - Mirror or Move - Rotate command, interrupt the command and leave the dialog box open. When you want to continue copying or moving, click the dialog box to activate it and continue to copy or move objects.

Show or hide "Do not show this message again"

Tekla Structures displays warning messages when necessary, for example, when you are about to copy or move objects outside the work area. However, you have the option to hide future warnings of the same type. You can have Tekla Structures show these warnings again.

  • To hide future warnings of the same type, select the Do not show this message again check box.
  • To re-display the warnings, hold down the Shift key while running a command that should normally induce a warning message.
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