Installing Tekla on-premises license server

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Tekla Structures

Installing Tekla on-premises license server

The Tekla on-premises license server installation package contains license server files, applications for license management and guides. To install the license server software, download the license server installation package with the latest updates from Tekla Downloads product download service.

You have two choices in installation:

  • Automatic default installation: Select automatic installation for normal setup. Automatic installation is recommended.

    For detailed installation instructions, see Install Tekla license server - automatic installation.

  • Manual installation: Use manual installation if you need to separately install the license server, modify the license file, configure the license service, and start the server software. This is needed if you want to use another TCP/IP port than the one used in the automatic installation, for example. Use manual installation only if you are an advanced user of FlexNet or FlexIm licensing.

    For detailed installation instructions, see Install Tekla license server - manual installation.

Before installing Tekla license server

  • Install the license server using administrator's rights.

  • Turn off the internal firewall and pause the antispyware/antivirus protection.

  • Ensure that you have access to the Internet. The Internet connection is needed during the license activation process. An unreliable connection speed may cause errors.

  • If you are using other FlexNet licensing services, you need to stop them before you install the Tekla license server. When you have completed installing the Tekla license server, you can restart the other licensing services.

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