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This advanced option must be set in an initialization (.ini) file.

This advanced option is system specific and is read from teklastructures.ini. It can also be set locally, see your environment ini file (env_<environment_name>.ini). Generally, there is no need to modify system-specific settings. Do not modify them if you are not an administrator.

This advanced option points to one or several folders containing Tekla Structures symbol libraries. These folders also contain the DWG files used in snap symbols and handles. The order of folders in DXK_SYMBOLPATH is significant: If there are duplicate files, the first one found is used. All files are read from all defined folders.

The DXK_SYMBOLPATH is defined in the environment initialization file env_<environment_name>.ini, located in ..\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\<environments>\<your_environment\ and in the Tekla Structures initialization file teklastructures.ini located in the ..\Tekla Structures\<version>\nt\bin\ folder.

Separate different folder paths with a semicolon (;). Always end a folder path with a backslash character.


Example with one folder:

DXK_SYMBOLPATH=C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\symbols\

Example with several folders:


In the latter example, Tekla Structures first checks your own symbol files in your firm folder, then the symbol files in the UK environment symbols folder, and last the symbol files in the common environment symbols folder. If a duplicate file exists, the one that Tekla Structures finds first is used.

Using a firm folder for images and symbols

You can define a firm folder where Tekla Structures always searches for the images and symbols. When you store the images and symbols in this folder, you do not have to move them from folder to folder when you install a new version of Tekla Structures. Installing a new version does not replace the files in the firm folder. For more information about defining the firm folder for images and symbols, see Add symbols in drawings.

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