Table sets

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Table sets

A table set is a group of tables or templates included in a drawing of a particular type and size.

The table set defines:

  • Which tables are included in the drawing

  • Where the tables are located in the drawing

  • How much space Tekla Structures leaves between the drawing frame and views and between the drawing views

Table sets define the background of the drawing, not the number or location of the drawing views to include.

You can either use the same table sets with different drawing sizes, or give each drawing size its own table set. For example, if the number of views changes in a drawing and Tekla Structures chooses a new drawing size, Tekla Structures may also choose another table set automatically.

The examples below illustrate the relationship between the table set and drawing views. The drawing views are blue, and the elements of the table set are green.

Below is an example of a GA drawing layout.

  1. General arrangement drawing view
  2. Part list on assembly or cast unit level
  3. Revision table and title block

Below is an example of an assembly drawing layout.

  1. Margins between the drawing frame and the outermost views
  2. Spaces between the views
  3. Top view
  4. Front view
  5. Section views A-A and B-B
  6. Drawing frame
  7. Key plan
  8. Material list
  9. Revision table
  10. Drawing title block
  11. Fold marks
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