Import a .tsep extension to the Applications & components catalog

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Import a .tsep extension to the Applications & components catalog

You can import Tekla Structures .tsep extensions (Tekla Structures extension package) to the Applications & components catalog. First download the extension from Tekla Warehouse, and then import it to the catalog.


Some Tekla Structures extensions have an .msi installation file. You have to install these extensions separately. Download the .msi installation file from Tekla Warehouse and double-click the file to run the installation.

  1. Click the Applications & components button in the side pane to open the Applications & components catalog.
  2. Click > Manage extensions > Extension manager.

    Alternatively, you can open Extension manager from File menu > Extend > Extension manager.

  3. Click the Tekla Warehouse link and log in to Tekla Warehouse with your Trimble Identity.
  4. Search for the .tsep extension and click Download.
  5. Click the downloaded extension in your browser.

    Tekla Structures opens a dialog box that lists the installed Tekla Structures versions that are compatible with the extension.

  6. Select the Tekla Structures versions to which you want to import the extension.
  7. Click Import.

    The extension is shown in Extension manager in all the Tekla Structures versions that you selected.

    Alternatively, if you want to import the extension to the current Tekla Structures version only, you can do the import in Extension manager after downloading the extension. In Extension manager, click Import and then double-click the .tsep file.

    You can still remove the extension from Extension manager before installing it. Select the extension and click Cancel.

  8. If needed, repeat steps 4 - 7 to import more Tekla Structures extensions.
  9. Restart Tekla Structures to install the imported extension.
  10. Open the Applications & components catalog.

    The extension is shown in the Ungrouped items group in the catalog. You can move the extension to a more suitable group, or create a new group.

You can uninstall installed extensions in Extension manager. Select one or several extensions (use Ctrl or Shift) and click Remove. The selected extensions are removed when you restart Tekla Structures. Installing and uninstalling extensions creates a log file to \Tekla Structures\<version>\Extensions\TSEP Logs.

System administrators can copy multiple .tsep extension files to a Tekla Structures user's computer to the \Tekla Structures\<version>\Extensions\To be installed folder. The extensions are installed the next time the user restarts Tekla Structures.

Copy .tsep extensions to a new Tekla Structures version

When starting to use a new Tekla Structures version, you can use the Migration Wizard tool to copy the installed .tsep extensions to the new version. You can open Migration Wizard either from the Applications & components catalog, click > Manage extensions > Migrate extensions, or from File menu > Extend > Migrate extensions. Once copied, the extensions are listed in Extension manager in the new Tekla Structures version. Restart Tekla Structures to install the copied extensions.

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