Add a distance between component objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Add a distance between component objects

Use reference distance variables to add a distance between two points or a point and a plane. The reference distance changes as you move the objects it refers to. You can use reference distances in calculations, for example, to determine the spacing of rungs on a ladder. Reference distance variables automatically get the prefix D (distance), which is shown in the Variables dialog box.

  1. In a custom component view, select a handle.

    This is the starting point for your measurement.

  2. In the custom component editor, click the Add reference distance button.
  3. Move the mouse pointer in the view to highlight a plane.

    This will be the end point for your measurement. If you cannot highlight the correct plane, change the plane type on the Custom component editor toolbar.

  4. Click the plane to select it.

    Tekla Structures displays the distance.

    The corresponding reference distance variable is shown in the Variables dialog box:

    Note that the Add reference distance command remains active. You can click more planes if you want to measure other distances.

  5. To stop measuring, press Esc.
  6. To check that the reference distance works correctly, move the handle.

    The distance changes accordingly. For example:

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