Group loads together

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Group loads together

Each load in a Tekla Structures model has to belong to a load group. A load group is a set of loads and loadings that are caused by the same action and to which you want to refer collectively. Loads that belong to the same load group are treated alike during the load combination process.

Tekla Structures assumes that all loads in a load group:

  • Have the same partial safety and other combination factors

  • Have the same action direction

  • Occur at the same time and all together

You can include as many loads as you like in a load group, of any load type.

You need to create load groups because Tekla Structures creates load combinations on the basis of load groups. We recommend that you define the load groups before you create loads. You can define up to 99 load groups in an analysis model.

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