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Plate Work

Use this advanced option to set the flat bar prefix for output, reports, and marks. If Tekla Structures finds a matching flat bar in the fltprops.inp file, the plate name will consist of the prefix you enter here, followed by the thickness X width, for example FLAT5X100. The default value is FLAT.

By default PL and PLT profiles get the prefix FL or FLT if a matching plate is found in the fltprops.inp.

This advanced option is role specific. When the type SYSTEM(ROLE) is in use, the default value is used. When the type MODEL(ROLE) or DRAWING(ROLE) is in use, you can change the value, which is then the same for all users in the current model.


In Imperial version, if XS_FLAT_PREFIX is not included in profitab.inp as similar profile as PL (valid parametric profile name), the profile is shown with metric units.

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