Saving in multi-user mode

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Saving in multi-user mode

Tekla Structures preserves the integrity of the model, even if more than one user modifies the same model objects. If two users modify the same object, then save to the master model, the master model will only contain the changes of the user who most recently saved their working model to the master model.


To avoid potential save conflicts, have users work on different areas of the model.

Tekla Structures creates connections to the right parts, even if the part is moved by another user.

Note that if you use the Save as command to save the model, the model history is not copied with the saved model.

Speeding up the saving process

The following advice may help in speeding up the saving process:

  • Check your network connection speed, because it can slow down the saving process significantly.

  • Close down all the views of the model before saving.

  • Set the advanced options XS_PROJECT and XS_FIRM so that they point to a local drive and move most of the system files there. If there are many system files in the network drive, saving may become slower than when using system files located on your own hard drive. Each user should use the same files to ensure similar outcome.

  • Delete any hidden reference models which you do not need anymore.

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