Version control for drawings

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Version control for drawings

You can now list different versions of the same drawing, show their snapshots, and change the current drawing version.

Listing drawing versions is useful when you want to revert to an older version of the drawing for some reason. You can also list the deleted drawing versions that are no longer available in the Document manager , and for GA drawings, open a deleted GA drawing as a new drawing. In Tekla Model Sharing , you can now better control unintentional changes made to drawings and revert to the version that has the correct content.

  • Every time you save a drawing, a new version of the drawing is saved. To list the different versions of a drawing, open Document manager , select a drawing and click the Drawing versions button at the bottom.

    The current drawing version appears bolded.

  • In Tekla Model Sharing models, you can list the different versions of a drawing in conflict situations. When users modify the same drawing in their local version of the model and one user writes out, the Changes list will show a conflict in other users' local version of the model when they read in.

    You can open the Drawing versions dialog box from the Changes list. Select the changed drawing, right-click and select Open versions to view the drawing versions and the changes made to the drawing.

  • The drawing snapshot is displayed in a separate window. When you save a drawing, a snapshot is taken by default. The advanced option to control the automatic saving of snapshots is XS_DRAWING_SNAPSHOT_CREATION.

    Snapshots are not created at drawing creation if the advanced option XS_CREATE_SNAPSHOT_ON_DRAWING_CREATION is set to FALSE. If you open a drawing and save it, you get a snapshot if XS_DRAWING_SNAPSHOT_CREATION is set to TRUE. The advanced option XS_DELETE_UNNECESSARY_DG_FILES deletes the dg files older than seven days, which is the default value for the advanced option XS_DELETE_UNNECESSARY_DG_FILES_SAFETY_PERIOD.

  • You can now select an older version of the drawing and show its snapshot or open it.

  • If you want to change the current version of the drawing, open another version, close the drawing, and when you are asked Do you want to keep the changes to the drawing? , answer Yes. This makes the drawing version the current drawing version.

  • To show all drawings and their versions related to the model, even the deleted drawings, go to Document manager , and click Drawing versions without selecting a drawing in the Document manager list. In this dialog box, you can see the drawing versions, open the different versions and show the snapshots.

    You can also compare drawings in two different models: from the current model and from a model that you select at the top left corner of the Drawing versions dialog box.

  • You can open a version of a deleted GA drawing by selecting the drawing from the list in the Drawing versions dialog box, right-clicking and selecting Open as new.

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