Tekla BIMsight and Tekla Web Viewer replaced by Trimble Connect for Desktop

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Tekla BIMsight and Tekla Web Viewer replaced by Trimble Connect for Desktop

Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is approaching its end-of-life by the end of 2019. As of December 31, 2019, we discontinue to distribute, support and maintain Tekla BIMsight. You can still use it after that date.

As a substitute for Tekla BIMsight , you can use the Trimble Connect for Desktop offline version (free of charge). It has most of the Tekla BIMsight functionalities and some new functionalities as well. See the comparison table below for the specific functionalities:

Feature/Software Trimble Connect for Desktop Tekla BIMsight
3D navigation
Viewing multiple models
Clip planes
Desktop API  
Customizable user interface  
Enhanced 3D experience (directX)  
Save model views
Object/Model coloring and transparency
Point clouds  
Finding and grouping objects from models
Quantity by object group  
Create notes (ToDos)
Status sharing  
Clash detection  
Share notes  
Sharing the aggregated project  

Check this video about Trimble Connect for Desktop features Trimble Connect Desktop Feature Overview.

To start using Trimble Connect for Desktop :

  1. In Tekla Structures, go to the Trimble Connect ribbon tab, and select Desktop.

  2. Log in to Trimble Connect for Desktop using your Trimble Identity.

When you launch Trimble Connect for Desktop :

  • Trimble Connect for Desktop opens the desktop project attached to the current Tekla Structures model.

  • If you have not attached a project, Trimble Connect projects page is opened.

  • If you have not installed Trimble Connect for Desktop , the web page to download Trimble Connect for Desktop https://app.connect.trimble.com/tc/app#/store will be opened.

Tekla Web Viewer

We discontinue to support old Tekla Web Viewer in this version. Trimble Connect provides new, modern web technologies to replace the Tekla Web Viewer usage. We have multiple web technologies to be used, please visit this web page https://www.tekla.com/products/trimble-connect/getting-started/api-documentation for more information or contact us: connect-structures@trimble.com. You can start to explore Trimble Connect at https://connect.trimble.com. You can find more information here: https://www.tekla.com/products/trimble-connect/getting-started.

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