Other interoperability improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Other interoperability improvements

In Tekla Structures 2019, there are some improvements in the reference model change detection, IFC object conversion, NC files, and Trimble Connector.

Reference models

Updates in change detection

  • The new tolerance settings can be used for getting relevant changes more easily. When you are comparing two versions of the same reference model, in the Change detection , click the Property set comparison tolerances button. Change the tolerances by modifying the values, and apply the changes by closing the dialog box and clicking Update view. You can also save the tolerances.

    The changed row appears as light yellow if the tolerance is bigger than the difference.

    For more information about the property set comparison and comparison set tolerances, see Define a comparison set for reference model change detection.

  • IFC change detection has improved detailed data for geometry and location comparison.

  • Geometry changes have not always provided any visible feedback in the details list about the changes. This has been improved, and some new properties have been added.

  • When you removed a reference model version and did not click Modify , and then added a new version, the reference model version handling was broken. Now when you remove a version, you are asked if you want to set the model as current and save changes.

  • In change detection, selecting from the changes list and from the model view has been improved. Previously, you could not select a deleted object and a newer inserted object.

Other changes in reference models

  • Status bar messages and log entries have been updated for the reference model insert and reference model visibility status. Information about the reference models outside the maximum work area is now available on the status bar. The following messages are now available:

    • Insert succeeded. Objects are located in (Bounding box min X, Y,Z).

    • Insert failed. Objects are located in (Bounding box min X, Y, Z). Objects too far to be visualized.

  • Reference model handling speed has been improved if there are several versions of the reference models. For example, the reference models are opened faster now.

  • The performance of locking and unlocking multiple reference models in the reference model list has been improved.

Trimble Connector

  • You can now create a new Trimble Connect project directly in Trimble Connector. Previously you needed to create the project in Trimble Connect for Desktop or Trimble Connect for Web first.

IFC object conversion

  • In IFC object conversion, date now works when copying date type properties to UDAs that are defined as Date. In IFC object conversion settings, the type needs to be set as integer.

  • In IFC object conversion, Copy properties to UDas has been changed not to use reference object report functionality anymore. This provides faster conversion and Date UDA usage as integer.
  • Spaces can now be used in IFC object conversion profile mapping. They are removed in internal mapping. For example, UB 356x171x45 finds UB 356x171x45, not UKB356x171x45, like previously.

  • The IFC object conversion has been improved. For example, the arc point calculation, chamfer combining, and the naming of the cut profiles have been improved.

  • The IFC object conversion did not handle or convert round cuts for plate. This has now been fixed.

NC files

  • Now the bent line information contains the actual length of the bend, and the line no longer extends to the bounding box of the plate.

  • Now the DSTV coordinate system gives the coordinate system for the selected part, and not for the representative part.

  • Some bolt holes were missing from the NC data. This has now been fixed.

  • Sometimes, when using the option Maximum diameter for circular cuts to be drilled , the square cuts were recognized as circular. This has now been fixed.

  • The sawing angles for flanges are now available even if they are partially cut.

  • Now the hard stamp location avoids contour marking.

  • When the hard stamps are placed, Tekla Structures now checks for bolts that were modeled on the opposite side, and the end of the bolt hole could overlap the hard stamp.

Import models

  • Importing models from older versions of Tekla Structures is not allowed any more. When you try to import an old model, the following message is displayed: "Importing models from previous versions is not supported. First save the model with the current version. Note that you will not be able to use Tekla Structures of previous version to edit the model." Click Open for upgrade to open and save the model in the new version, or click OK. For more information about importing models, see Import Tekla Structures model and drawings into another model.

Other interoperability updates

  • Tekla Structures 2019 contains a new LandXML plugin version 1.19.

  • Tekla Structures 2019 reference model insert now supports Sketchup version 2019 and earlier.

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