Improvements in Drawing content manager, marks and notes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in Drawing content manager, marks and notes

There are several improvements related to marks and notes. In Drawing content manager , you can now add new property columns to the list, and modify, move and hide existing property columns. There are now some new building object categories included. There is also a new command available on the ribbon that aligns selected marks around a point.

Improvements in Drawing content manager

Add and modify property columns

You can now add new property columns to the Drawing content manager list, and modify the existing property columns. Previously, the property columns could not be edited, and the number of columns was fixed. You can also remove columns, and change the column order. In addition, the editing done to content manager categories is now saved in a specific xml file. The generated file can be localized and used as a user-defined setup.

  • To add a new property column in Drawing content manager , click the arrow button next to a category to expand the category, and then click the + button on the property column title row.

  • In the new Add/Edit properties dialog box, select the required property from the list on the left and drag it to the list on the right. Use the Search box for searching properties. You can add several properties to the same column. Then enter the name for the property column and click OK.

  • To add custom text in a column cell, select Custom text and type the required text in the displayed Text box. The press Enter to add the custom text in the list on the right.

  • To add any required property that is not listed in the available properties list, or to add a user-defined attribute defined in the object.inp file, select Custom property and type the required property or UDA in the displayed Property box. Then press Enter to add the property in the list on the right.

  • To show the property cells even though there is no value, select the Show empty fields of the column option.

  • To change a property column, right-click the column name and select Edit.

  • To remove a property column, right-click the column name and select Remove.

  • You can change the order of the existing columns in Drawing content manager by simply dragging the columns to the new position.

  • You can hide category types from the list of visible categories by right-clicking Drawing content manager pane when no category is selected, and clicking the categories on the displayed list.

  • In Tekla Structures 2019 onwards all generic properties are saved in the DrawingContentManagerCategories.xml file located by default in the ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\system folder. All property column modifications (new columns, edited columns, column order) are saved in the DrawingContentManagerCategories_<user>.xml file in the \attributes folder under the current model folder.

    First, Tekla Structures tries to find the user-specific setting file DrawingContentManagerCategories_ <user>.xml. If it cannot be found, Tekla Structures will next look for DrawingContentManagerCategories.xml.

    You can convert the user-specific file to a generic one just by removing _<user> from the file name.

    The folder search order for the generic settings file is the following:

    • \attributes folder under the model folder
    • Project folder ( XS_PROJECT )
    • Firm folder ( XS_FIRM )
    • System folder ( XS_SYSTEM )
    • Folder defined by the advanced option XS_USER_SETTINGS_DIRECTORY

New building object categories

  • Connections and Neighbor reinforcement category types are now available in Drawing content manager. Now you can check and edit drawing content for connections and neighbor reinforcement objects, such as marks and associative notes, in the current drawing.

  • All commands related to neighbor reinforcement objects and neighbor reinforcement marks are available in the context menu. You can quickly and easily:

    • Add single rebar marks or associative notes to the selected single rebars or group of rebars

    • Add dimension marks, tag dimension marks or dimension lines to the selected group of rebars

    • Adjust the location of the rebars in rebar groups

    • Hide/show the reinforcement objects in drawings

    • Add, modify or remove reinforcement marks

  • Connection objects now have a symbol representation in drawings. By default, the connection representation symbol is the symbol number 142 in the xsteel.sym file in the ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\symbols\ folder. You can modify the connection representation symbol in Symbol Editor. For more information about Symbol Editor, see Symbol Editor User's Guide.

  • Connection objects are only highlighted in a drawing when you have selected the objects from the Drawing content manager list, otherwise connection symbols are hidden.

  • When you have selected a connection object from the Drawing content manager list, you can add, modify or remove connection marks.

  • Note that only connection type of components are shown in the Connections category.

Align selected marks to a point

  • The Annotations tab in the drawing mode has a new command Align to a point for aligning selected marks around a point. This new command tries to avoid crossing leader lines.

    If Ortho is on, the lines are placed in a 0, 90, 180, or 270 degree angle.

    You can also hold down the middle mouse button during the command to change the angle of the marks.

    To use the command, select the marks to be aligned, select the command and pick a point.

  • The mark aligning commands are located in the new Align marks menu.

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