Printing improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Printing improvements

Printing in Tekla Structures 2019 has been further improved, and there are updates especially in visualizing the line colors, adjusting frames and fold marks, defining file name content, and closing the dialog box.

Printer colors and line widths shown instantly in drawings

  • When you have a drawing open, and you open the Print Drawings dialog box, and change the line colors and line thicknesses on the Line properties tab , the changed colors and line thicknesses are now immediately reflected in the drawing. This only happens if you have activated the Printer line widths switch and the new Printer line colors switch through File > Settings in the drawing mode.

Adjust frames and fold marks directly through Print Drawings

  • There is a new Frames button available in the Print Drawings dialog box for adjusting the drawing frames and fold marks in the Drawing Frame Properties dialog box. These settings are for the model and impact all drawings.

    If you have a drawing open while you adjust the frames and fold marks, you need to reopen the drawing to activate the changes. If you change the frame and fold mark settings for the drawing that is shown in the Print Drawings dialog box preview, the preview does not update, and you need to reopen the dialog box to see the changes in the preview.

    The old Drawing frames and fold marks command is still available through Quick Launch.

Include revision mark to file name

  • The new setting Include revision mark to file name adds the revision mark of the latest revision of the drawing to the file name.

Other printing changes

  • The separate Close button has been removed from the Print Drawings dialog box. You can close the dialog box by clicking the Close button X in the upper-right corner.
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