Create user-defined material definitions

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create user-defined material definitions

You can replace the existing material definitions with your own definitions and use them, for example, in drawing part marks. Material definitions can contain text, numbers and symbols.

  1. Save the symbol file user_material_symbols.sym in the symbol folder (usually the folder ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\symbols\ ).
  2. Create a text file that contains your material definitions.

    Create the file using a text editor, for example Microsoft Notepad.

    Each row in the file defines a material. Use the following syntax: material_name symbol_file_name@n , where

    • material_name is the name of the material used in the material catalog

    • symbol_file_name is the symbol file name to be used

    • n is the number of the symbol.

    For example:


    The order of material names in the definition file is relevant to the conversion. Materials with more specific names need to be listed before the ones with similar, but simpler names, for example, S235JRG1 must be listed before S235JR. Otherwise they both get the same symbol.

  3. Save the file for example with the name user_material_definitions.txt.

    All the named materials in the material catalog will be replaced with the ones defined in this file.

  4. Set the name of the file as a value for the advanced option XS_MATERIAL_SYMBOL_REPRESENTATION_FILE in File menu > Settings > Advanced options > Drawing Properties as follows:

    set XS_MATERIAL_SYMBOL_REPRESENTATION_FILE=user_material_definitions.txt

    You can also enter a full path to the material definition file. Without the path Tekla Structures searches for the file in the model, firm, project, and system folders.

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