Problems in Tekla license activation

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Problems in Tekla license activation

The following message is displayed: "Error reading entitlement file".

Reason: The .NET Framework is not working for some reason.

Solution: Reinstall the existing .NET Framework, or install the latest .NET Framework version that is available for your operating system.

License activation fails, and the following message is displayed: "Unable to activate more licenses than you are entitled to".

Reason: There are a couple of possible reasons for the problem:

  • You may have activated licenses on another computer. You cannot activate more licenses than you are entitled to.

  • You tried to activate a renewed temporary license or a permanent license without deactivating the previous temporary license.

Solution: There are two possible solutions:

  • Deactivate a license on another computer and then activate the license on your computer.

  • Deactivate the existing temporary license and then activate the succeeding linked license.

For more information about deactivating licenses, see Deactivate Tekla licenses.

The amount of activated licenses in Tekla License Administration Tool and LMTOOLS does not match.

Reason: The licensing service is not updated with new license information.

Solution 1: Reread the license file in LMTOOLS :

  1. Go to Tekla Licensing > LMTOOLS through the Start menu or Start screen , depending on your Windows operating system.
  2. On the Start/Stop/Reread tab, click ReRead License File.

Solution 2: If you are connected to several license servers, rereading the license file may not work. In that case, you need to stop the license server and then restart it in LMTOOLS :

  1. Ensure that no one is using Tekla license server.
  2. On the Service/License File tab, ensure that Configuration using services and Tekla Licensing Service are selected.
  3. On the Start/Stop/Reread tab in LMTOOLS , select the Force Server Shutdown check box and click Stop Server.
  4. Check that the status is "Stopping server". Wait for a few minutes.
  5. Click Start Server , and ensure that "Server Start Successful" is displayed.

To avoid the problem in the future, ensure that the license server is automatically notified when you activate, deactivate, or repair licenses.

To enable the automatic notification functionality in Tekla License Administration Tool , click the Notify Server button.

For more information about starting and stopping server and rereading the license file, see LMTOOLS options and settings used in Tekla licensing.

For more information about activating licenses, see Activate Tekla licenses using automatic server notification.

No warning is displayed, even though the temporary license will expire within one month.

Reason: The expiry warning message appears only when someone uses the expiring license. Probably there are several permanent licenses (that have been activated first) and some temporary licenses that have been activated after the permanent ones.

When somebody starts Tekla Structures , the system uses licenses in the order of activation. For example, if you have 10 permanent and 2 temporary licenses, all 10 licenses must be in use before someone obtains the temporary license, and receives the warning about the expiring license.

When you try to open the entitlement certificate in Tekla License Administration Tool, nothing is shown.

Reason 1: You have not downloaded the attached entitlement certificate from your e-mail application, but opened the certificate in an Internet browser and saved it as an .html file from the browser.

Solution: Open the e-mail containing the entitlement certificate attachment EntitlementCertificate.html. Download the entitlement certificate to the ..\Tekla\License\Server folder from e-mail. Then try to open it again in Tekla License Administration Tool by clicking Open.

For more information, see Activate Tekla licenses using automatic server notification.

Reason 2: The virus protection system of your computer has removed the Trimble Solutions logo from the license entitlement certificate.

Solution: The sender of the entitlement certificate should zip the entitlement certificate file. Unzip the entitlement certificate file on the computer where the licenses are going to be activated.

License was activated successfully, but the following error message is displayed when you run the command line command ”serveractutil -view”: "Activation library initialization failed."

Reason: The license server installation was not successful.

Solution: Do the following:

  1. Stop other FlexNet licensing services in LMTOOLS.
  2. Run the installanchorservice.exe at the command prompt, restart the license server.

After doing this you will be able to activate your licenses and use Tekla Structures.

If the above did not work, you need to uninstall the license server and reinstall the recent version once again with administrator rights.

For more information about uninstalling and installing the license serve, see Uninstall the license server manually and Installing Tekla license server.

The automatic notification functionality in Tekla License Administration Tool does not work: nothing happens when you click the Notify Server button

Reason: One of the reasons why the Notify Server button does not work in Tekla License Administration Tool might be that Tekla Licensing Service is not started on the computer.

Solution: To solve the issue, open Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services . Ensure that the Tekla Licensing Service status is Running. The Startup Type of the service should be set either to Automatic or to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Your licenses no longer appear as activated licenses, or old version licenses are activated, but they do not work.

Reason: Windows system restore may cause problems for licensing. For more information, see Windows system restore might affect your model and licensing.

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