Activate Tekla licenses using automatic server notification

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Activate Tekla licenses using automatic server notification

You can activate Tekla Structures licenses in Tekla License Administration Tool. In activation, the license server at your company contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions using an Internet connection. Before the activation can be done, the entitlement certificate needs to be opened. You can notify the license server automatically or manually about license changes, but the automatic server notification is recommended.


Do not use automatic notification if you are using some other FlexNet license and license server administration tool, such as FlexNet Manager. To notify the license server about license changes manually, see Activate Tekla licensing using manual server notification.

To activate the licenses and notify the license server automatically:

  1. Download the entitlement certificate file EntitlementCertificate.html from your e-mail to the ..\Tekla\License\Server folder.
  2. Go to Tekla Licensing > Tekla License Administration Tool through the Start menu or Start screen , depending on your Windows operating system.
  3. Make sure the automatic license server notification is enabled. Check the status on the Notify Server button in the toolbar and click the button if necessary.
  4. Click Open, and open the EntitlementCertificate.html file that you saved in step 1. The license information is displayed in the Entitled Licenses area.

  5. Click the Activate cell and select the number of licenses to activate.

  6. Click the Activate button.

    Your license server contacts the license activation server at Trimble Solutions.

  • The activated licenses are displayed in the Activated Licenses area.

  • Do not forget to take a backup copy of the trusted storage of the activated licenses (..\ProgramData\FLEXnet\).

  • When you open Tekla License Administration Tool later on, it detects expired and broken licenses you may have and asks if you want to deactivate or repair them. If you select Yes , an automatic deactivation or repair is run.

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