IFC export

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

IFC export

You can export Tekla Structures models as IFC models.

You can export all basic parts in the Tekla Structures model such as beams, columns, braces, slabs, panels, plates, reinforcing bars, and bolts with nuts and washers.

Tekla Structures exports the model objects on the basis of the export settings you define, including the property sets.

The IFC export functionality in Tekla Structures supports the IFC2X3 schema. The IFC export functionality has the IFC certification granted by buildingSMART international Certified Software.

IFC ( .ifc ) and ifcXML ( .ifcXML ) formats are supported. You can use compressed ( .ifcZIP ) or uncompressed import files.

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Define the resulting IFC entities for the exported model Tekla Structures model objects and the IFC export settings, and then export Tekla Structures model or a part of it into a IFC file Export a Tekla Structures model or selected model objects to an IFC file
Test the reference model after creating it Check the exported IFC model
Check what kind of base quantity information is included in the Quantity takeoff add-on view IFC base quantities in exported IFC model
Take a look at the property set configuration files Property set configuration files used in IFC export
Create additional property sets out of template attributes and user-defined attributes, define property definitions for the attributes, and bind the property sets to IFC entities to be used in IFC export Define additional property sets for IFC export
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