MIS lists

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Tekla Structures

MIS lists

You can export an MIS list to a file.

You can export model data to Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS). The MIS export supports the following formats:

  • DSTV - The exported file contains the MIS information written in the DSTV format.

  • FabTrol / KISS - We recommend using the FabTrol reports instead of the MIS export for exporting FabTrol data. The FabTrol reports are available for the Steel Detailing role in the US environment. If you do not use a suitable environment you may also contact your local support for the FabTrol files.

  • EJE - US environment, Imperial role only. Structural Material Manager internally stores all dimensions in sixteenths. Its External Data Interface writes all dimensions, such as widths and lengths, except for Beam and Channel descriptions, in sixteenths of an inch. As an example the length 12'-8 7/8 is equivalent to 2446 sixteenths, which is calculated as (feet * 192) + (inches * 16) + (eighths * 2) = (12 * 192 + 8 * 16 + 7 *2).

  • EPC - The EPC (Estimating and Production Control) module of SDS/2 requires multinumbering to be active.

  • Steel 2000

Export a MIS list

  1. On the File menu, click Export > MIS .

    The Export MIS dialog box opens.

  2. Select the file type from the MIS type list.
  3. If you selected Fabtrol/KISS or Steel 2000 , define the additional options:
    • Fabtrol/KISS

      Enter the customer name in the Customer name box.

      Select the Full material list check box to add labor-related information to the list (for example, holes, welds, cambers, preliminary marks).

    • Steel 2000

      Select the Export only shop bolts check box to include only workshop bolts in the list file.

  4. Enter a name for the list file in the MIS list file box.

    By default, the list file is saved in the model folder.

    You can select the folder where you want to save the list file by clicking Browse.

  5. Ensure that you have the selection switch Select objects in components selected. If you have the switch Select assemblies selected, Tekla Structures will create empty files.
  6. Click Create all or Create selected to export the MIS list file.
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