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Tekla Structures installation folders

You can select the Tekla Structures software installation folder in the software installation wizard. By default, the software is installed to a folder under ..\Program Files\Tekla Structures\<version>.

When you install a new Tekla Structures version, for example 2019, make sure that the installation folder does not contain any files from other Tekla Structures versions. This is to ensure that you get all the files that are included in the installation package.

Note that when you are installing a service pack and you already have the related Tekla Structures version or a previous service pack installed, you cannot select the installation folder. The service pack will be installed to the same folder as the related Tekla Structures version or the service pack that you are updating. The installation folder will contain files from the related Tekla Structures version or the previous service pack. Installing the new service pack will automatically remove the old files before copying the new files. Note that if you have your own files in the installation folder, these files will remain unchanged in the folder.

The location of the environment installation folder depends on where you have installed the software. You cannot select the installation folder for the environments in the installation wizard. For example, when the software is installed under \Program Files , the environments are installed in ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\Environments.

When you have installed the software and the environments, you can check the installation paths in Windows Control Panel.

The image below shows the default installation folder structure under \Program Files and \ProgramData. User settings are stored under \Users.

The image below shows the installation folder structure under C:\. If you install Tekla Structures software under C:\ , the environments are also installed and the user settings stored under C:\.


If you need to install Tekla Structures to a folder that has a non-Unicode folder name, for example, in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian, change the language in XS_STD_LOCALE and the Windows system locale in Windows Control Panel to that same language so that Tekla Structures can work normally.

The image below shows the installation folder structure of Tekla Warehouse Content installation under C:\ProgramData\Tekla\Tekla Warehouse.

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