Install and license Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Install and license Tekla Structures

To use Tekla Structures , you need to have a license, and Tekla Structures installed on your computer. In most cases, you will also install a standard localized environment or your organization's own customized Tekla Structures environment. Each environment includes many important localized settings and tools, such as profiles, templates and components.

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About Tekla Structures licenses

Tekla Structures cannot be used without a valid license.

  • You license most full commercial configurations of Tekla Structures by activating an entitlement certificate on your license server (on-premises licensing). The entitlement certificate is sent in an email to the contact person your organization has named when purchasing the license.

  • Online licensing is used with the EPM Modeler and Partner configurations and with the free learning license ( Tekla Campus ).

    • The Tekla Structures Partner and EPM Modeler configurations have an online license that is connected to your Trimble Identity. The license is delivered directly to the Tekla Online Admin tool , where your organization's administrator(s) can assign the online licenses to individual users.

    • For a free learning license for Tekla Structures , visit the Tekla Campus site, where you can activate an online license that is connected to your Trimble Identity. Note that you are not allowed to use this configuration for commercial work.

  • You can see the license type of licenses in the About Tekla Structures dialog box. It is either Domestic or Enterprise. For the Partner edition, the value is Partner and for the Tekla Campus edition the value is Educational.

If you manage your own installation of Tekla Structures

The general process you must complete:

  1. Download installers.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Activate your license.

In detail (follow the links for step-by-step instructions):

If someone manages Tekla Structures for you

If your organization has a Tekla Structures administrator (IT administrator or main user), you should follow their instructions for installation and licensing. You may still need to consider the following points:
  • You need an account to access Tekla online services. If your administrator has not invited you to your organization, ask to join so that you have access to all Tekla online services:

    Create your Trimble Identity

  • In most cases, your Tekla Structures administrator will prepare a customized installation package for you or install the software for you. Ask your administrator for further instructions.

  • To be able to use Tekla Structures outside the office, you may need to know how to borrow a license for offline use:

    Set up license borrowing for offline use

If you manage Tekla Structures for other users

The general workflow for a new Tekla Structures deployment can go for example like this:
  • Install the Tekla license server.

  • Install Tekla Structures for your own use and start customizing it for your organization.

  • Add users to your organization group in the Tekla Online Admin tool to give them full access to Tekla online services and any online licenses that your organization may have.

  • Deploy Tekla Structures to the users in your organization.

  • Continue developing your organization's customizations and redeploy as needed.

Start your journey in Tekla Structures installation for administrators , which introduces you to all of the topics listed above.

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