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Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Edit project properties

You will need project information, such as project number and name, many times during a project. Update the project properties at the beginning of each project to make reports and drawings display the correct information automatically. All of the fields are optional.

  1. On the File menu, click Project properties.
  2. Edit the general project properties, and enter a description that helps you identify the model when you next need to open it.

    The description is listed with the other model information when you select a model in the Recent or in the All models list.

    The limit for the length of the description is 78 characters.

    When you edit the properties, Tekla Structures highlights the modified properties in yellow. When you are ready with the modifications, click Modify to apply the changes.

  3. If you want to use another coordinate system for interoperability and collaboration, click Base points to define a new base point.

    Once a base point has been defined, you can select it from the Location by list.

  4. To define project-specific user-defined attributes, click User-defined attributes.

    By default, you can define:

    • Project comment
    • User fields
    • Execution class
    • Classification system
    • IFC export attributes
    • GEO coordinates
    • Status attributes
    • Unitechnik factory location

    The availability of the various user-defined attributes depends on your environment , role and configuration.

Once you are finished with editing the project properties, as a result, you will get updated project properties in drawings and reports.

Displaying project information in templates and reports

The fields in the image below refer to template attributes, which you can use when designing your own reports and templates. To display project information, add the corresponding template attributes in the templates and reports.

(1) NUMBER#2

(2) NAME







(9) TOWN





(14) DATE_​END

(15) INFO1, INFO2


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