Create drawings in Master Drawing Catalog

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create drawings in Master Drawing Catalog

The Master Drawing Catalog is a fast, efficient and controlled way of creating drawings using master drawings. In the Master Drawing Catalog , all drawing creation commands are available in one centralized location.

A master drawing is a Tekla Structures drawing or a set of drawing properties that is used for creating new drawings that look the same as the master drawing. There are several types of master drawings: cloning templates, saved settings and rule sets. You can also use the existing AutoDrawings wizard files as master drawings.

  • To open the Master Drawing Catalog , on the Drawings & reports tab, click Create drawings > Master Drawing Catalog .

The image below shows the search view of the Master Drawing Catalog as a thumbnail list.

The Master Drawing Catalog has a toolbar containing commands for creating drawings, selecting the view type and the master drawing list type, displaying master drawing descriptions, selecting the models from which you want to use cloning templates, creating rule sets, displaying Document manager , and for keeping the Master Drawing Catalog window always on top.

Tekla Structures populates the catalog by looking for items in the Tekla Structures default folder search order : first from the firm folder, then from the project folder, and then from the system folder and so on. Cloning templates in the folder defined for the advanced option XS_​CLONING_​TEMPLATE_​DIRECTORY are shown in the catalog. You can define several folders for this advanced option.

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