Show parts in a selected view angle

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Show parts in a selected view angle

In some cases it is useful to examine parts in a selected view angle. For example, when you reinforce concrete elements, you can easily check the distances between the reinforcing bars.

  1. Select a part.
  2. Click View angle on the contextual toolbar.
  3. Select a top, back, right, bottom, front, or left view.

    Tekla Structures displays the part in the selected view angle. The view angle is based on the selected part's coordinate system so that the top view is looking to the negative z-direction. For example, if you select the top view, Tekla Structures sets the current view angle from up to down in the coordinate system.

  4. To return to the original 3D view, click the button in the middle of the view angle options.
Note: Tekla Structures shows the part in the current view, which is the view where your mouse has last been. If the contextual toolbar is located, for example, on top of two views, the part is shown in the view where your mouse has last been and not in the view where the part was selected.
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