Property files

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Property files

Tekla Structures stores a number of files, all of which contain object properties, in the current model folder.

  • In the property pane: Tekla Structures creates property files when you click.

  • In the dialog boxes: Tekla Structures creates property files when you click Save or Save as.

Note that the default property files are read from the environment's \system folder, but user-defined property files are stored in the model’s \attributes folder.


You can change the standard column properties to create a new type of column that you call custom1.

  1. In the property pane, enter or modify the properties you want to save.
  2. In the box next to thebutton, enter a name for the new set of properties, for example, custom1.
  3. Click.

    The set of properties has now been added to the list of saved properties in the current model folder, in the \attributes folder.

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