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Tekla Structures


Templates are descriptions of forms and tables that can be included in Tekla Structures. Templates are either graphical or textual. Graphical templates are inserted in drawing layouts as tables, text blocks, and drawing headers, for example. Textual templates are used for creating reports. The contents of the template fields are filled in by Tekla Structures at run time.

Tekla Structures includes a large number of standard templates you can use. Use Template Editor to modify existing templates, or create new ones to suit your needs. Graphical template definitions have the file name extension .tpl. Textual template definitions have the file name extension .rpt.

The ready-made templates in the default environment are located in the following folders:

Testual templates: ...\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\default\system

Graphical templates: ...\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\default\template


Example of a title block:

Example of an inquiry report:

Example of a part list report:

For more information on using templates, see Template Editor User's Guide or open the Template Editor Help in Template Editor by clicking Help > Contents .

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