Prerequisites for Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures
Tekla 模型共享

Prerequisites for Tekla Model Sharing

Before you can start using Tekla Model Sharing and share your models, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • Internet connection

    You need to establish a connection to the Tekla Model Sharing service to perform any model sharing actions.

    • TCP port 443 (the default HTTPS) outbound must be open.

      If an HTTP proxy is used, it must support HTTP 1.1.

  • Trimble Identity

    All sharing actions require authentication, and the authentication is done with Trimble Identity username and password.

    If you do not have a Trimble Identity , go to the Log in dialog box.

  • License

    All sharing actions require a valid Tekla Model Sharing license. Tekla Model Sharing licenses are tied to users' Trimble Identities. The organization's administrator assigns and manages the licenses in the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

  • Tekla Structures

    The users of the same shared model need to have the same Tekla Structures version, and use the same latest service pack.

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