Import and export bolts and bolt assemblies

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Import and export bolts and bolt assemblies

Use importing and exporting for merging bolts and bolt assemblies across catalogs. Bolts are imported and exported as .bolts files, bolt assemblies as .bass files, and bolt catalogs as .lis files.

When you export single bolts or bolt assemblies, you can select the bolts or bolt assemblies you want to include in the .bolts or .bass file. When you import and export bolt assemblies, also the related bolts are included in the .bass file.

You can import and export an entire bolt catalog. You can also import a part of an exported bolt catalog.

Importing and exporting bolt catalogs is useful, when you:

  • Upgrade to newer version of Tekla Structures and you want to use a customized bolt catalog from a previous version.

  • Want to combine bolt catalogs that are stored in different locations.

  • Want to share bolt catalog information with other users.


You can also download or share bolt assemblies using Tekla Warehouse.

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