Deactivating Tekla Structures licenses

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Deactivating Tekla Structures licenses

When you deactivate a license, the license rights are transferred from your license server back to Trimble Solutions. Subsequent Tekla Structures licenses are linked to each other. This means that you need to deactivate the previous licenses in the chain before you can activate the subsequent licenses. Linking works also the other way around: if you have activated a subsequent license, you cannot activate the earlier license after that.

  • You need to deactivate all the licenses that are displayed on the same row in the Activated Licenses area in the Tekla Structures License Administration Tool.

  • Internet access is required in license deactivation.

  • After deactivation, you can activate the licenses again on the same or on another server.


Before you deactivate licenses, ensure that the licenses are not in use or borrowed. The borrowed licenses must be returned before they can be deactivated.

When you need to deactivate licenses

  • Before activating the next temporary license or a permanent license in the license chain.
  • When renewing the annual maintenance, for example, when you switch from Tekla Structures 20 licenses to Tekla Structures 21 licenses, you need to deactivate the licenses from the previous year to be able to activate the licenses for the following year.
  • If you have activated a wrong configuration or too many configurations.
  • Before re-hosting the license server from one computer to another.
  • Before changing hardware or the IP address on the license server.
  • Before reinstalling or upgrading Windows on your server computer.
  • Before formatting your server computer.

When you do not need to deactivate licenses

You do not need to deactivate licenses before uninstalling and reinstalling the license server.

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