Install Tekla Structures license server

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Install Tekla Structures license server

Install the Tekla Structures license server. This is phase 1 in the workflow Taking Tekla Structures licenses into use.

Save your Tekla Structures license entitlement certificateActivate Tekla Structures licensesConnect Tekla Structures to the license server

If you are using other FlexNet licensing services, you need to stop them before you install the Tekla Structures license server. When you have completed installing the Tekla Structures license server, you can restart the other licensing services.

To install the license server:

  1. Go to Tekla Downloads and download the latest Tekla Structures license server installation. To check the license server version to use, see Which license server version to use.
  2. For standard setup, select the options Automatic and complete the installation.

    Tekla Structures license server is installed.

    In automatic license server installation, the license server host name is automatically set to 27007@your_host_name , where 27007 is the port and your_host_name is your computer name.

    Automatic installation is recommended. Use the Manual installation only if you are an advanced user of FlexNet or Flexlm licensing, and you need to change something in the default installation, for example, the TCP/IP port. For more information, see Install Tekla Structures license service - manual installation

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