Install Tekla Structures license server - automatic installation

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Install Tekla Structures license server - automatic installation

Before you start license server installation, stop FlexNet licensing services and other licensing services.

For more information about which license server version to use, see Which license server version to use.

To install the default setup of the Tekla Structures license server to a computer that does not have a previous version of Tekla Structures license server installed:

  1. Download the license server installation package with the latest updates from Tekla Downloads product download service.
  2. Select the installation language.
  3. Select Automatic as the licensing service installation type to install the default setup.
  4. Select the folder where you want to install the license server and complete the installation.

Tekla Structures license server is installed.

In automatic license server installation, the license server address is automatically set to 27007@your_hostname , where 27007 is the port and your_hostname is the computer name/hostname. 27007@your_hostname is used as the license server address in every Tekla Structures installation.

When you have installed the license server, you need to do the following:

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