What is displayed in the Drawing list

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

What is displayed in the Drawing list

Drawing list contains a lot of information about the drawings.



For more information
Issue , Ready for issuing , Lock , Freeze , Master , and Up to date

These columns contain flags indicating the drawing status.

Manage drawings


Textual information about the changes in the drawing. For example, if the drawing has been cloned, it says Cloned in this column.


The creation date of the drawing.


The latest modification date of the drawing.


The revision number or revision mark of the drawing.

By default, Tekla Structures shows revision numbers. To show revision marks instead, set the advanced option XS_SHOW_REVISION_MARK_ON_DRAWING_LIST to TRUE.

Revising drawings


The drawing types are identified by the following letters:

  • W for single-part drawings.

  • A for assembly drawings.

  • C for cast unit drawings.

  • G for general arrangement drawings.

  • M for multidrawings.

U (unknown) means that an error has occurred, and you need to delete the drawing.

Drawing types


The paper size the drawing uses.


In a single-part drawing mark is the part position, and in an assembly drawing the assembly position from which the drawing was created. You cannot change drawing marks.

Mark contains the sheet number as well, if it is not zero (0).

You can choose to have Tekla Structures base the mark of cast unit drawings on the position number or the ID (GUID) of the cast unit.



The name given for the drawing in the drawing properties dialog box.

Rename drawings

Title 1 , Title 2 , and Title 3

Extra drawing titles added in the drawing properties dialog box.

Giving titles to drawings

Ready for issuing by

Indicates who has marked the drawing ready for issuing.

Mark drawings ready for issuing

Locked by

The Drawing list column shows who locked the drawing. If you have logged in to your Trimble Identity , your account name is shown. Otherwise your user name is shown.

Lock drawings

User-defined attributes

You can show up to 20 user-defined attributes in the Drawing list. These user-defined attributes must be added in the User-defined attributes dialog box or panel in drawing properties. To include a user-defined attribute in drawing lists, the user-defined attribute must have the option special_flag set to yes in the objects.inp file.

User-defined attributes in drawings

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