Tables in drawing layout

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Tables in drawing layout

Tables are Template Editor templates included in Tekla Structures drawings containing information on model objects. Key plans and DWG/DXF files are also considered as tables in drawing layouts.

The term table refers to various elements of the drawing layout, such as:

  • Tables (such as revision tables)

  • Title blocks

  • Lists (such as part and bolt lists)

  • General notes

  • Key plans

  • DWG/DXF files

If you change the model, Tekla Structures updates the contents of the affected drawings and tables created in Template Editor. The contents of the tables are filled in by Tekla Structures at run time. In Template Editor, the tables are referred to as graphical templates.

The available graphical templates are read from the following folders in the following order, and shown in the Available tables list in the Tables dialog box:

  • Template directory ( XS_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY )
  • Current model folder
  • Project folder ( XS_PROJECT )
  • Firm folder ( XS_FIRM )
  • Environment-specific system templates folder ( XS_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY_SYSTEM )
  • System folder ( XS_SYSTEM )
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