Bolt content and appearance properties in drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Bolt content and appearance properties in drawings

Use the options in bolt properties to check or change the bolt content and appearance.

To go to bolt properties:

  • On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties , select the drawing type and go to Bolt properties.
  • In an open drawing, double-click the drawing background, and go to Bolt properties.
  • Double-click a bolt in an open drawing.

All bolt properties dialog boxes do not contain all of the settings listed below.




The options are Solid , Exact Solid , Symbol , Symbol 2 , Symbol 3 , DIN symbol , and User-defined symbol.

DIN symbol corresponds to German standards (DIN). The only DIN symbols you can control are:

  • Symbol 24 for normal workshop bolts

  • Symbol 25 for normal site bolts

  • Symbol 26 for front countersunk site bolts

  • Symbol 27 for back countersunk site bolts

  • Symbol 28 for front countersunk workshop bolts

  • Symbol 29 for back countersunk workshop bolts

  • Symbol 30 for front countersunk holes

  • Symbol 31 for back countersunk holes

User-defined symbol is a symbol that has been created in Symbol Editor.

Symbol content

Indicates whether to include the Hole and Axis symbols in the drawing.


Control the visibility of bolts in main parts, secondary parts and sub-assemblies separately. Visible shows bolt group holes in main parts or secondary parts. Not visible hides them. In assembly drawings you can also define whether to show or hide bolt group holes in sub-assemblies.


Change the bolt color.

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