What to do before creating drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

What to do before creating drawings

The list below contains some things that you may need to do before you create or clone drawings in Tekla Structures :

  • For assembly, single-part, cast unit and multidrawings, the model needs to be numbered. If the model changes, the numbering needs to be updated. Numbering ensures that Tekla Structures connects the right objects to the right drawings. If you try to create drawings without numbering the model, Tekla Structures prompts you to do so. Once the model is numbered, part positions can also be shown in general arrangement drawings. Prior to numbering, if the part position is included in a mark on a general arrangment drawing, it will be shown as a question mark (?).

  • Check that the detailing is correct.

  • You may want to create test drawings of different types of parts to see how well the predefined drawing properties, layouts, rule sets or cloning templates suit your needs.

  • You may want to modify drawing properties, layouts, or rule sets and save the modified settings for future usage.

  • If you are going to use a drawing as a cloning template, check that it contains all the necessary elements for this purpose.

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