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Custom components

You can create customized connections, parts, seams, and details for your project. These are called custom components. You can use custom components in the same way as any Tekla Structures system component. You can even create intelligent custom components that automatically adjust to changes in the model.

When to use

Create a custom component if you cannot find a predefined system component that meets all your needs. Especially if you need to create a large number of complex model objects and copy them across several projects.


Once you store a custom component in the Applications & components catalog, you can easily access it from the catalog and use it in another location in the same model. If you must modify the custom component, you only need to make the changes once. When you save the changes, they will be automatically applied to all copies of that custom component in the model. You can also import and export custom components as .uel files between models and share the custom components with your colleagues.

Custom component types

You can create four types of custom components:




Custom part

Creates a group of objects that may contain connections and details.

Note: Unlike other custom components, custom parts are not marked with a component symbol in the model. Custom parts have the same position properties as beams have.

Custom connection

Creates connection objects and connects the secondary parts to the main part. The main part may be continuous at the connection point.

Custom detail

Creates detail objects and connects them to a single part at the location you picked.

Custom seam

Creates seam objects and connects the parts along a line that you create by picking with two points. The parts are usually parallel.

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