Tekla Structures 2023 Finland Environment Release Notes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

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1 Catalogs

The following updates have been done to catalogs:

1.1 Profile Catalog

Steel hollow section profiles, I-profiles and angle (L-) profiles where checked/updated according to standards EN 10219-2-2019, EN 10365-2017 and EN 10056-1-2017. Checked properties include cover area, moment of inertia, neutral axis location, radius of gyration, section modulus, weight per unit length and torsion constant.

    1.2 Material catalog

    Material Catalog (matdb.bin) was updated for Tekla Structures 2023. Mostly all names have been translated to Finnish and written in capital letters. Some values have been updated like density, Yield & Ultimate strength have been checked.  

    • Concrete
      • All K-Betoni was removed
      • Grout will remain same. Added LAASTI as alias name. We believe some components will stop working if this name will be translated so we decided to play safe
      • Existing_Concrete and Concrete_Undefined density was changed into 2500kg/m3 from 2400kg/m3
    • Steel
      • All Eurocodes information on Design tab has been updated
      • Removed materials:
        • X60
        • X70
        • Z36
      • New steel materials:
        • EN 1.4404
        • S460MH
        • S235J2C+N
      • Renamed & added as Alias:
        • AISI304 → EN 1.4301
        • AISI316 → EN 1.4401
        • S235J2G3 → S235J2+N
        • S235J2G4 → S235J2
        • S235JRG1 → S235JR
        • S235JRG2 → S235JR
        • S275J2G3 → S275J2+N
        • S275J2G4 → S275J2
        • S355J2G3 → S355J2+N
        • S355J2G4 → S355J2
        • S355K2G3 → S355K2+N
        • S355K2G4 → S355K2
    • Timber
      • Checked all timber material's density
      • Added new timber materials:
        • CLT
        • MDF
        • SEKAVANERI
      • Brought back:
        • C14
        • C18
        • C24
        • C30
        • C35
        • C40
        • GL24c
        • GL28c
        • GL28h
        • GL30c
        • GL30h
        • GL32c
        • GL32h
        • Havuvaneri
        • Kerto-Q
        • Kerto-S
        • Kerto-T
        • Painekyllästetty
    • Miscellaneous
      • Removed:
        • ElasticPutty
        • Inseal3259
        • SIPOREX
        • SPU_FR
        • SPU_R
        • Wool
        • XPS
      • New Miscellanous materials:
      • Renamed:
        • Gypsum → KIPSI
        • Mineraalivilla_kova → MINERAALIVILLA_KOVA
        • Mineraalivilla_pehmeä → MINERAALIVILLA_PEHMEÄ
        • Mineralwool → ERISTEVILLA
        • Neoprene → NEOPREENI
        • Rubber → KUMI
        • Sealing → TIIVISTE

    1.3 Rebar shape catalog

    • The shape code for unrecognized rebars was changed from "Unknown" to "Y".
    • Removed obsolete shape codes XN and XP.
    • Added recognition for O-shaped planar stirrups (earlier only spiral stirrups were recognized as O shape).

    1.4 Bolt catalog

    The values for calculated thicknesses and real thicknesses for EN 4032 nuts were revised.

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    2 User-defined attributes

    • Removed all UDAs from part level, except load-related UDAs.
    • All bolt UDAs were removed as well.
    • Some new fields for rebar estimate were added for defining the value and unit for rebars, and separate fields for stainless reinforcement estimates.


    • Drawing batch UDA was added close to numbering fields on cast unit and assembly property panes:

    The drawing batch UDA affects numbering in such way that two otherwise identical objects will not get the same position number. It doesn't however have effect on numbering series: if you number objects with the same prefix and start number as some other objects, those other objects are being numbered at the same time (they just will not get the same position number).

    • Combined the workflow UDAs with the general ones, so they are now included disregarding what role is selected at startup.
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    3 Templates & Reports

    Updated columns to include both r and TD values in the following reports and templates:

    • R_Rebar_schedule_FIN.rpt
    • Rebar - Group Bending List - Compact.rpt
    • Rebar - Group Bending List - Extended.rpt
    • Rebar - Single Bar Bending List.rpt
    • Rebar_Tapered_Bending_List.rpt
    • RebarBendingList.rpt
    • RebarBendingListWithSingleBars.rpt
    • C_Rebar_assembly_bar_list.tpl
    • C_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl
    • cast_unit_rebar_list.tpl
    • G_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl
    • rebar_schedule_FIN.tpl

    Removed Finland environment specific inquiry report for bolts, due to the removed bolt UDAs

    Updated B_Fasterner_list.Excel.rpt and A_Fastener_list.rpt to report different sort of washers separately. Earlier all washers were combined and only one type was returned for all washers in a bolt assembly.

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    4 Initialization files

    Set default value for XS_DEFAULT_KEEP_ONLINE_LICENSE_CHECKBOX to FALSE to mitigate the risk of the online license being left accidentally reserved on the computer.

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