Tekla Structures 2022 Finland Environment Release Notes

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Tekla Structures

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1. Environment folder setup

Due to the insane character length of XS_SYSTEM, Engineering-role was removed and the files related to it were divided into the remaining folders.

Also Concrete-folder was removed, and the cloning template was placed under Precast-folder.

Previously, Contractor-related files were included in all roles, but not any more. The files that were considered to be useful in other roles as well were moved into General-folder, which is read in all roles.

UDA-translations were moved in ...\Finland\General\messages\, which is reflected on XS_MESSAGES_PATH in env_Finland.ini

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2. Drawings

Rebar assembly drawing changes

New drawing settings were created for the new Rebar assembly object type. There is a new layout C_Rebar_assembly.lay which contains a new template C_Rebar_assembly_bar_list.tpl.

Also the pre-existing C_Embed_list.tpl, C_Mesh_list.tpl and C_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl were edited to support rebar assemblies.

Cast unit drawing settings Raudoitekokoonpano.cud were added for rebar assembly drawings.

Template fix

Previously C_Embed_list.tpl returned all 103-class secondary parts (e.g. timber) with the same profile in separate rows, sorted by their lengths. Now they are combined in one row and their total length is calculated.

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Service pack 2 updates

Templates' and reports' review

Templates and reports were reviewed and some issues were fixed.

Generally, all attributes with prefix DRAWING. were replaced with CURRENT_DRAWING. so that they are referring to the open drawing rather than some specific sheet for cast unit / assembly / part drawings. This used to cause problems with e.g. translations of the titles.

Templates and reports with logos were updated with current logo.

Value field lengths were extended where feasible, to comply with the extended character limit of NAME-fields. 

Location and element position value fields were changed to use custom properties (CUSTOM.BUILDING, CUSTOM.SECTION, CUSTOM.FLOOR, CUSTOM.ELEMENT_POS).

Id's were replaced with Guid's except in the reports that are to be read into a specific Excel template.

Version numbers on report names were erased (e.g. CU_Väliseinä_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt → CU_Väliseinä_tarjousvaihe.xls.rpt).

All reports were moved from ...\General\template to ...\General\reports, and A_Pile_list.xls was moved to a new subfolder ...\General\reports\Excel-templates\

Only the changes unique to specific templates/reports are mentioned in the list below, listing all the updated templates and reports:


  • A_Fabrication.tpl
  • A_Fastener_list.tpl
  • A_General_info.tpl
  • A_Part_list.tpl
  • A_Precambering.tpl
  • A_Surface_finish.tpl
  • A_Welds.tpl
  • ALL_Associated.documents.tpl
  • ALL_Frame_Outside.tpl
  • ALL_Revision.tpl
  • ALL_Status.tpl
  • ALL_Title_authority.tpl
  • ALL_Title_coord_sys.tpl
    • Changed the row rule to display the template only if either CUSTOM.COORDINATE_SYSTEM or CUSTOM.LEVEL_SYSTEM is set (length > 0). Previously, the row rule contained the old project udas P_COORD_SYS and P_LEVEL_SYSTEM.
  • ALL_Title_customer.tpl
  • ALL_Title_customer_logo.tpl
  • ALL_Title_designer.tpl
    • Changed for cast unit drawings the drawing number condition to return the value entered by the user, if option "03 Käyttäjän antama numero" is selected for DR_NUMBER_TYPE (tab FI-Nimiö of drawing UDAs).
  • ALL_Title_responsible_designer.tpl
  • C_Mesh_list.tpl
    • Added support for mesh-type rebar assemblies.
    • Moved mesh title row contents to header, so that it will be visible even when the cast unit contains only rebar assembly meshes.
    • Added mesh diameters and spacings to size-fields. Regular meshes come in format diameter-spacing b*h (e.g. "5-150 2350*5000"), irregular ones as diameter/diameter-spacing/spacing b/h (e.g. "8/10-150/100 2350/5000"). NOTE! Currently rebar assembly mesh only reports main bar's properties, so special meshes with dissimilar bars and/or spacings on crossing and longitudinal directions are not supported.
  • C_Rebar_assembly_bar_list.tpl
  • C_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl
  • C_Title_hollow_core_slab.tpl
  • Frame_2xA3...5xA3.tpl
    • Added default page numbers in situations when the user has not defined value for DR_N_OF_PAGES (tab FI-Nimiö of drawing UDAs).
  • G_Detail_A4.tpl
  • G_Element_list_with_running_numbers.tpl
    • Removed from row rules the unexisting option 03 for P_ACN_IN_MARKS.
  • G_General_info.tpl
    • Removed obsolete uda rows ALIAS_NAME and GENERIC_NAME.
  • G_Mesh_list.tpl
    • Added mesh's diameters and spacings into size fields (used to be only total width&length). See third bullet of C_Mesh_list.tpl for further details.

    • Set Drawing number and pcs -titles visible.

    • Added condition to hide assemblies that have no meshes if DR_SHOW_MESH_TPL (tab FI-Piirustus of drawing UDAs) is empty.

    • Added row for mesh type rebar assemblies. NOTE! Currently rebar assembly mesh only reports main bar's properties, so special meshes with dissimilar bars and/or spacings on crossing and longitudinal directions are not supported.

  • G_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl
    • Added rows for rebar assemblies.
    • Changed condition to list rebars also if DR_TPL_CU_POS is empty, if the cast unit contains any rebars (similarly to G_Mesh_list.tpl).
    • Changed attribute for comment-column to comment (it used to be REBAR_USERFIELD_1 which was not visible in UDA dialogs).
  • Mid_Title_designer.tpl
    • Changed for cast unit drawings the drawing number condition to return the value entered by the user, if option "03 Käyttäjän antama numero" is selected for DR_NUMBER_TYPE.
  • part_phase.tpl
    • removed, as it was broken.
  • ts-company_logo.tpl
  • ts-workshop_part_list.tpl
    • Changed all texts' w/h ratios to 1 (because otherwise they would look messy in DWGs).
  • ts-drg_title_a0...a3.tpl
    • removed, as we have a better title template ALL_Title_designer.tpl


  • A_Assembly_list(Excel).xls.rpt
  • A_Assembly_list.Excel.rpt
  • A_MultiAssemblyList.rpt
  • A_Shipping_list(EXCEL).xls.rpt
  • B_Bolt_list(EXCEL).xls.rpt
  • C_Elementtilista.xls.rpt
    • Removed, as it was almost identical to CU_Elementtilista.xls.rpt
  • CU_BEC_ohjeen_Tarkistusraportti.rpt
  • CU_BEC_Tarkastusraportti_Elementit_EI_raportteihin.rpt
  • CU_BEC_Tarkastusraportti_Raportteihin.rpt
  • CU_Elementti_Tiedot.xls.rpt
  • CU_Elementtilista.xls.rpt
    • Changed the formula for calculating total count
  • CU_Ontelolaatta_kuorilaatta_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
    • Changed Gross area and Net area to use CUSTOM.HC_GROSS_AREA and CUSTOM.HC_NET_AREA
  • CU_Palkki_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • CU_Parvekelaatta_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • CU_Piirustusluettelo.xls.rpt
  • CU_Pilari_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • CU_SW-Elementti_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • CU_TT-Laatta_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • CU_Valutarvikkeet.rpt
    • Changed ElementArea formula to CUSTOM.WALL_NET_AREA + CUSTOM.WALL_CORNER_AREA
    • Corrected the data fields to correspond to BEC's publication "Elementtisuunnittelun mallinnusohje". For instance, the values were returned in wrong order, or some values were missing. Definition for class 103 rebar was incorrect.
  • CU_Valutarvikkeet_irti_elementistä.rpt
  • CU_Valutarvikkeet_yhteenveto.rpt
  • CU_Väliseinä_tarjousvaihe_20_2v.xls.rpt
  • D_Drawing_list(EXCEL).xls.rpt
  • D_Revision_Info(EXCEL).xls.rpt
  • P_Anchor_bolt_list.Excel.rpt
    • Changed the coordinates to use values in relation to current base point, instead of the old UDAs
  • P_Beam_plate_list.Excel.rpt
  • P_ID_select_part_list.rpt
  • P_ID_select_part_position.rpt
  • P_Material_list(EXCEL).xls.rpt
  • P_Part_list(EXCEL).xls.rpt
    • removed extra spaces added in the values, which caused problems when trying to sum values in Excel
  • Rebar_Tapered_bending_list.rpt
    • Changed attribute in the last column to comment (used to be REBAR_USERFIELD_1 which is not visible in UDA dialogs). It will then fetch the same value as C_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl and G_Reinforcing_bar_list.tpl. Also changed the title to "Comment".

    • Changed "r"-column's header to "TD", since it's returning values for DIM_TD.

    • Removed fixed text "Steel grade A500HW" from the header row.

Other miscellaneous changes

  • Added O-profiles (for BEC Hollow Core Slab profiles) on FloorLayout.ini-file, which defines limits for allowed slab widths and lengths. The O-profiles use the same limits as the previously existing P-profiles.
  • Corrected the path to Template editor's bitmaps for DXK_SYMBOLPATH in env_Finland.ini.
  • Inquiry-reports are now filtered out from report creation dialog.
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Service pack 3&4 updates

  • Removed value 0 for revision row limit in drawing settings A_brace.ad.more, A_railing.ad.more, A_stair.ad.more, A_truss.ad.more, W_beam.wd.more, W_bentplate_unfolded.wd.more, W_plate.wd.more and W_stringer.wd.more. Now ALL_Revision.tpl should list all revisions without any limitations when using those drawing attributes.
  • Added missing IFC entity override fields in property pane for assemblies and rebar objects.
  • Added part numbering prefixes and start numbers to attribute files for steel columns (.clm), contour plates (.cpl) and orthogonal beams (.crs). They are as they used to be pre-2021.
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Service pack 5 updates

  • Added attribute files for Wall layout:
    • AR-sokkelielementti
    • PV-V-paikallavaluseinä (replaces CIP - wall)
    • SKE-sisäkuorielementti + muuraus
    • S-ruutuelementti (replaces SANDWICH-ELEMENTTI)
    • Added attributes for geometry detailing strip to support the new Wall layout attributes:
      • Sokkelikannas 200x150
      • Sokkeli UK viiste
      • Kolo 110x300
      • Lautaura 20x100
    • Updated existing Wall layout attributes (part numbering settings cleared):
      • standard
  • Fixed on C_Embed_list.tpl calculating of total area on cast unit sub-assembly parts with class 104.
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