Tekla Structural License Service update April 2021 (v3.3.1)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer
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Please note: 

This release of the license service is mainly being released to coincide with the release of Tekla Structural Designer Service Pack 1 because if that service pack is installed but this service pack is not installed then you may experience a blank sign-in window when attempting to sign-in to your Trimble Identity account from Tekla Structural Designer.

This update does NOT need to be installed on Sentinel RMS license servers.


[TEDDS-5563]1 - Updated embedded Chrome (CEF) browser to resolve multiple zero day vulnerabilities

[TEDDS-5534]1 - Fixed the Trimble Identity sign-in screen appearing twice and immediately disappearing when attempting to use the Tekla Support Tool.

[TEDDS-5452, TEDDS-5559]1 - Remove registry keys which may have been left behind by a previous service pack causing the Sentinel RMS activation process to execute in process rather than out-of process which could lead to an incorrect version of TLS being used for the server communication resulting in the error “The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel”.

[TEDDS-5307]1 - Fixed for products which have not been registered correctly by an official Trimble installer to ensure that the licensing system will not fail to initialise on startup.

[TEDDS-5557]1 - Updated System.Text.Encodings.Web to 4.7.2


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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