New - Reference models

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

New - Reference models

Newly introduced in Tekla Structural Designer 2024 - In an exciting development of BIM integration features, you can now accurately model and check compatibility with other disciplines during design decision making and execution through the use of TrimBIM or IFC based reference models, all from within Tekla Structural Designer, saving time and improving design accuracy.

Reference models are managed through the dedicated Reference Models side pane.

The same side pane is also used to import TrimBIM files to be used as reference models.

The Trimble Connect side pane can be used to import both TrimBIM (.trb) files and IFC files to be used as reference models.

For further details of this feature see the Help Topic Import 3D reference models - see below for some brief details of the process.

Import and Viewing Process

As shown in the picture below, the process of adding and managing reference models is simple and quick to use.

  • In the Trimble Connect side pane, simply 1) browse to and right-click an IFC (*.ifc) or TrimBIM (*.trb) file 2) select “Show reference model” from the context menu then 3) review/ confirm the information in the Edit Reference Model dialog and OK - the reference model is then added to list in the new Reference Models side pane, as shown in the picture below.

  • The reference model can then be hidden/ shown in the Structure 3D view via the eye toggle icon.

  • Alternatively click the + Import option at the top of Reference Models side pane then select either “Trimble Connect” or “Local file” as the source - for the former you then open the Trimble Connect project browser via the [...] button (see picture below) from which you can select an IFC/ TrimBim file for import, while the “Local file” option allows you to browse your computer for a TrimBim file to import.

  • All imported IFC/ TrimBim files are then listed in the Reference Models side pane where they can be individually hidden/ shown as needed, or removed.

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